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2021.1.203 Hot Fix Release Notes

The 2021.1.203 release is a hot fix that resolves issues identified in the New Zealand EAP version of MYOB Advanced 2021.1.2.

Resolved issues

Payroll and Self Service
RegionProblem IDDescription
AU / NZCE00014831 CE00014734 CE00018697 CE00019621 CE00019624 CE00019844 CE00019884 CE00019914On the Leave Requests screen (MPES3021), if you entered two partial leave requests for the same day, you'd get an error: "Leave already exists for this period." This has been resolved.
NZCE00019244 CE00019232

There was an issue on payslips for employees with student loans. In the This Pay Amount column for the Total PAYE row, the total amount didn't include their student loan repayment. This has been resolved. Student loan, SLCIR and SLBOR amounts are now included in a new row in the After-tax Deductions section. They are also included in the Pay Summary section, in the Total After Tax Deductions row.

Also, on the Pay Summary report, the Deductions column heading is now called After-tax Deductions, which includes student loan, SLBOR and SLCIR amounts.

NZCE00019431 CE00019430

The AWE Inspection window (MPPP3180) was showing incorrect AWE calculations, even though the calculations were correct on the Employee Leave Summary screen (MPPP4050). To resolve the issue, the following changes have been made:

  • The AWE rate in the AWE Inspection window is now always the same as the AWE rate on the Employee Leave Summary screen.
  • If an employee applies for leave that they took in a previous week, it now calculates correctly.
  • If an employee takes leave for part a week, the AWE Inspection window now rounds this up to a full week, so it matches the Employee Leave Summary screen.

On the Pay Summary report, an employee's Kiwisaver amount would be included in two columns, which made the total of the Net Pay column incorrect. To resolve confusion, the Deductions column heading is now called After-tax Deductions, which includes Kiwisaver.

NZ-On an employee's payslip, Kiwisaver items had empty parentheses in their names. For example, "Kiwisaver - Employee ()". This has been resolved.
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