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2020.5.6 Hot Fix Release Notes


The 2020.5.6 release addresses issues in Advanced People that were identified in previous releases.

This information is also available as a PDF document:

Resolved Issues

Payroll and Self Service

Problem ID 


CE00015419 CE00015190 CE00015415 CE00015493 CE00015674 CE00015740 CE00015779 CE00015784

In some cases, it was not possible to import leave into a pay run for leave dates outside the pay period. This has been resolved.

CE00012176 CE00012157 CE00012158 CE00013126 CE00013934 CE00013994

The error message “Your leave request cannot be submitted. There is a problem with your agreed definition of week records. Please contact your payroll administrator”

CE00015114 CE00015047 CE00015292 CE00015360 CE00015392 CE00015429

The error “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” occurred when attempting to create an entitlement adjustment, if the “Subaccounts” feature was disabled on the Enable/Disable features screen (CS100000). This has been resolved.

CE00012765 CE00012645 CE00014447 CE00015079 CE00015309 CE00015567

If an employee’s timesheet data included multiple entitlement payment pay items with the same date, the items would not be imported correctly. This has been resolved.

CE00011903 CE00009979 CE00011860 CE00012547 CE00015201

The Super YTD Balances on the Employment Details screen (MPES3011) displayed incorrect figures. This has been resolved.

CE00012509 CE00009124 CE00012194 CE00013408 CE00014446

The Pay Run Details report (MPPP6021) could show incorrect totals. This has been resolved.

CE00015291 CE00015249 CE00016219
CE00015616 CE00015564

This release resolves an issue that could cause the error message “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” to appear when exporting or submitting superannuation batches.

CE00015431 CE00015049 CE00016008
CE00016001 CE00015722

In Australian companies, if a pay adjustment occurred during an employee’s anniversary rollover, this could make their Annual Leave accrual/balance incorrect. This has been resolved.

CE00008255 CE00008175 CE00014593 CE00015242

In the MYOB Advanced mobile app, the error message “Unable to fetch superannuation detail” appeared when a user went to the My Details > Superannuation screen. This has been resolved.

CE00012600 CE00012214 CE00013523

The Hours Per Week value on the Employment Details screen (MPES) did not deduct any Unpaid Break Time from the employee’s work calendar. This has been resolved.

CE00011945 CE00011684 CE00012011

Imported Leave did not process correctly when an employee has two or more Pay Items with a type of 'Income', causing the error message "Invalid number of units or value entered in the entitlement payment pay item. Manual units assignment required." This has been resolved.

CE00015435 CE00015393

In some cases, the error message “Another process has updated the ‘MPPayRun’ record. Your changes will be lost.” appeared when attempting to adjust an employee’s pay. This has been resolved.

CE00015325 CE00015268

The balance of reducing balance deduction was not displayed correctly on payslips. This has been resolved.

CE00015268 CE00015325

If an employee was terminated in a pay run, and the pay run was then adjusted (not necessarily for the terminated employee), the terminated employee’s status would be set back to Active and their termination date would be lost. This has been resolved.

CE00014007 CE00013962

An error message appeared when adding a pay item to a pay item rollup, if the pay item’s ID included certain special characters. This has been resolved.

CE00015269 CE00015182

The Tax Year on the Employee’s Current Pay screen (MPPP3130) sometimes displayed incorrectly (this did not affect calculations). This has been resolved.

CE00011441 CE00011126

Errors could occur when importing public holidays into a pay run, if the public holiday entitlement had units in days. This has been resolved.

CE00014025 CE00013536

When an employee entered a leave request, it was recording against the branch that the user was logged in to at the time, rather than the branch that the employee belonged to. This has been resolved.

CE00013562 CE00013082

An error message could appear when releasing an entitlement adjustment, if the GL account for the entitlement was assigned to an Account Group. This has been resolved.

CE00015944 CE00015819

The error message “An unhandled exception has occurred in the function 'MoveNext'” could appear when attempting to save termination details in an employee’s pay. This has been resolved.

CE00015260 CE00015231

In some cases, the error message “Cash Account is missing or invalid for the current operation” could appeared when completing a pay. This has been resolved.

 CE00015358 CE00015086

 In some cases, the totals on the Payroll Tax Liability report (MPPP6210) did not match the Payroll Tax Liability Details inquiry (MPPPGI10). This has been resolved.

 CE00015490 CE00015488

 Public holidays from the exceptions tab of the Employee Calendar screen (MPES4001) did not display on the Team Calendar screen (MPES4003). This has been resolved

 CE00015460 CE00015335

 After importing leave from a timesheet, the leave taken quantity and calculated value only showed values for the first line of leave imported. This has been resolved.

 CE00015924 CE00015663

 The error “'Department' of 'ProjectID' does not exist in the system” could appear when attempting to release and Entitlement Adjustment. This has been resolved.

 CE00016165 CE00015934

 This release includes improvements to the calculation of employees’ projected leave balances on the Projected Leave Balance screen (MPES4021).


This release resolves issues related to payday filing (NZ only):

  • The Employee Details Return (MPPP5025) displayed duplicate records when an employee’s IRD code was changed.
  • New KiwiSaver details added to employees on the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310) did not appear in the Employee Details Return for the relevant period.
  • The Employee Details Return could have an incorrect batch number after the report was exported.


It was possible to save an employee’s pay if the member ID on an employee’s super contribution pay item was missing or incorrect. This has been resolved; an error message now appears in this situation and the pay cannot be saved until the error is corrected.


Deleting a row on the Days Taken window for an employee could affect other employees with overlapping leave requests. This has been resolved.


An error message could occur when changing dates in the View requests up to field on the Leave Administration screen (MPPP5040) This has been resolved.


Errors could occur when updating an employee’s pay distribution details. This has been resolved.


Overriding a quantity on the Public Holiday Processing screen (MPPP3110) resulted in an incorrect quantity appearing for the public holiday pay item on the Employee’s Current Pay screen (MPPP3130). This has been resolved.


The Import Pay History (AU) import scenario produced incorrect data for STP reporting; this scenario has been temporarily disabled until it the problem can be addressed.


In NZ companies, timesheets did not bring in quantities for pay items that were not included in the relevant employee’s Standard Pay. This has been resolved.


This release adds the ability to edit the cash account specified in the Cash Account column on the Batch Items tab of the Superannuation Batch Details screen (MPPP5006). The cash account can be edited for batches with the status “Created”, “Submitted” or “Approved”.

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