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2020.5.5 Hot Fix Release Notes


The 2020.5.5 release is a hot fix to MYOB Advanced 2020.5, which addresses issues identified in that release.

This information is also available as a PDF document:

Resolved Issues

Payroll and Self Service

Problem ID 


CE00015230 CE00015199

In some cases, leave entered via the Employee Self-Service portal was not imported into pay runs. This has been resolved.


Australia only. When adding a new SMSF fund on the Superannuation Funds screen (MPPP2310), the error “Cash Account is missing or invalid for the current operation” appear even though a cash account had been entered. This has been resolved.


Australia only. On the Superannuation Funds screen (MPPP2310), when a previously saved Payment Method was changed, the Cash Account was not affected. This allowed a potentially invalid combination of Payment Method and Cash Account to be saved. This has been resolved; when a Payment Method is changed the Cash Account is now cleared, requiring the user to select from only the allowed Cash Accounts for that Payment Method.

System and Platform

Problem ID 


CE00014210 CE00014149

In some cases, a “settings only” snapshot could contain data other than settings. This has been resolved.


This release includes enhancements that improve the performance of the system when importing data and processing documents in the Accounts Receivable module.

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