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2020.5.3 Hot Fix Release Notes


The 2020.5.3 release is a hot fix to MYOB Advanced 2020.5, which addresses issues identified in that release.

This information is also available as a PDF document:

Resolved Issues


Problem ID 


CE00009160 CE00009013 CE00009721
CE00012504 CE00011591

In some cases error messages appeared when users where attempting to release IN documents. This has been resolved.

CE00012439 CE00012257 CE00012874 CE00013474

The error message “Another process has added the 'AP Adjust' record. Your changes will be lost” could appear when attempting to release payments on the Release Payments screen (AP505200).

CE00011897 CE00011539 CE00012933

The error “Sequence contains no elements” could appear when processing documents on the Generate GST Debit Adjustment screen (AP504500). This has been resolved.

CE00012604 CE00012540 CE00013964

The error message “Another process has added the 'APAdjust' record. Your changes will be lost.” could appear when releasing a cheque on the Quick Cheques screen (AP304000). This has been resolved.

CE00008720 CE00008424

This release improves the performance of the Transactions for Period report (GL633000).

Field Service Management

Problem ID 


CE00011795 CE00011234 CE00011271

The Tax Total on the Appointments screen (FS300200) could incorrectly show an amount when a zero-value line amount was added. This has been resolved.

CE00009567 CE00008594

It was not possible to mass update manufacturer models from the Equipment screen (FS205000). This has been resolved.

CE00013138 CE00013130

Target Equipment was not created when a Field Service Order Invoice was released even though the detail line had been marked with the “Selling Model Equipment” action. This has been resolved.

Fixed Assets

Problem ID 


CE00012970 CE00011808 CE00013488 CE00013503

The error message “Unknown column 'POReceipt.ReceiptType' in 'where clause'” could appear when converting purchases to assets. This has been resolved.

Inventory Management

Problem ID 


 CE00012761 CE00012529

After creating a transfer, users with appropriate access could not see the transfer from the Receipts screen (IN301000). This has been resolved.

Order Management

Problem ID 


CE00012393 CE00011674

Sales orders created from an opportunity would not pick up the billing contact of the associated customer when they were configured to. This has been resolved.

CE00012846 CE00012682

An error message could occur when importing purchase orders through the API. This has been resolved.

Payroll and Self Service

Problem ID 


CE00013729 CE00008095 CE00011812 CE00012515 CE00012545 CE00012748 CE00013221 CE00013609 CE00013626 CE00013794 CE00014167 CE00014380

In some cases, leave would remain in the “Partially Paid” or “Processing” status after being fully paid. This has been resolved.

CE00010887 CE00010518 CE00012347 CE00012414 CE00013064 CE00013128 CE00013230

In some cases, managers could not see employees under them on the Team Calendar screen (MPES4003). This has been resolved.

CE00013472 CE00013432

Errors message saying that a Cash Account was missing could occur when exporting superannuation files. This has been resolved.

CE00008274 CE00008193

In some cases, employee payslips could not be downloaded from the MYOB Advanced mobile app. This has been resolved.


This release increases the number of decimal places used for entitlement values on the Entitlement Adjustment screen (MPPP3000) to six, to match the other screens in the Payroll module.

Time and Expenses

Problem ID 


173923405946 173686658161

In some cases, entering lines on the  Employee Time Card screen (EP305000) did not update the total time or values on the Details tab. This has been resolved.

CE00011688 CE00011355

When applying the Until Data parameter on the Release Time Activities screen (EP507020), dates outside the parameter could be included. This has been resolved.

CE00011683 CE00011505

It was not possible to delete a custom week from the Custom Week Settings tab of the Time & Expenses Preferences screen (EP101000); an error message that “there are existing Activities in this period” appeared, when this was not the case. This has been resolved.

System and Platform

Problem ID 


CE00011205 CE00010000 CE00012412 CE00012424 CE00012458 CE00012503 CE00012787

In some cases, it was not possible to activate a customised workflow. This has been resolved.

CE00013628 CE00013088

This release improves the performance of AR imports after upgrading to 2020.5.

CE00012316 CE00012290

This release resolves an issue that could occur when publishing customisations.

CE00012141 CE00011789

Customer order numbers were not appearing on the MYOB Advanced mobile app. This has been resolved.

CE00011544 CE00011429

After setting an automation schedule to run every three months, the schedule would revert to running every month. This has been resolved.

CE00013120 CE00013078

In some cases, customisations could not be published after upgrading to MYOB Advanced 2020.5. This has been resolved.

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