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Set cash rounding for coin splits

In Ace Payroll, you can decide whether to round your employees’ net pay for coin split purposes. This setting applies to all employees who are paid in cash. You can turn the feature off if you are not paying any of your employees in cash.

To set cash rounding
  1. From anywhere in Ace Payroll press the F4 key. The Report Index window opens.

  2. Click Coin Split, then Setup.

  3. Tick the Smallest Denomination you want to use for coins, and the Maximum Note value you want to use when making wages.

    Setting 1c as the smallest denomination for coins automatically turns off cash rounding for all employees.

  4. Click Go, then Ok.

To set ‘In Cash’ as the company’s default payment method
  1. From the front screen click Setup, then Company Defaults, then Payment Method.

  2. Cash rounding is turned off by default. To activate the feature, tick In Cash in the window below.
    Changing this company default will apply the cash rounding setting to all new employees, and to all current employees who are paid in cash.

To set ‘In Cash’ as an employee’s default payment method
  1. From the front screen click Employee > Modify Employee Details > Direct Credits.

  2. If this employee is already paid in cash, do nothing. If the employee is not, click the payment method.

  3.  The How is this Employee To Be Paid? window opens. Tick In Cash, then click Go.



I have been paying my employees by cash and have now changed them all to direct credit. I notice a few of them still have a very small cash rounding adjustment. Why is this?

When Ace Payroll rounds a cash payment, it always advances a very small amount to the employee and the amount advanced is stored internally. The amount advanced is then taken into account when rounding the next cash payment.

For this reason, a balance of how much the employee has been overpaid due to rounding is kept in the system. When you change from "cash" to "cheque" the system reduces this balance to zero by deducting from the employee the amount advanced to them.

Once the rounding balance is reduced to zero Ace Payroll no longer makes any rounding adjustments unless the employee is again set to "cash".


I pay some employees in cash and can't quite understand the cash rounding logic. Why is an amount deducted from the employee sometimes, and at other times it is credited to the employee?

The rounding in Ace Payroll is designed so that at all times money is owed by the employee to the employer.

An employer is not allowed by law to make unauthorised deductions from an employee's wages, so the system advances money to the employee to round their wages to the rounding amount you specify, until a sufficient amount has been advanced in previous pay periods to make a deduction from the employee, the total amount of which never exceeds the accumulated advances.





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