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KiwiSaver company setup

For most employers no company setup is required. All new employees are automatically enrolled in the scheme, unless they are under 18. If an employee is exempt for another reason, you will have to change their setting manually.

Ace Payroll's default contribution setting is 3% of all enrolled employees’ gross earnings to their KiwiSaver account, as well as the 3% employer contribution.

Changing your company settings

There are two settings you can change in the KiwiSaver Company Setup window:

New Employee Membership

New Employee Membership is set to Automatically Enrol by default. Legally all new employees must be enrolled, unless they are exempt. If you hire mostly temporary or casual staff it might make sense for you to change this setting to Automatically Exempt - but if you do, you will need to make sure you manually enrol any new employees who are not exempt.

Click New Employee Membership to change the setting.

Employer Contributions Rate

The legal minimum contribution rate is 3%, but if you want to pay more than that you can set a different rate by clicking Employer Contributions Rate.

To change your company settings

From the front screen, click Setup > Company Defaults > KiwiSaver. The KiwiSaver Company Setup window opens.



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