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Using the superannuation update tool

This page outlines the process of running the Super Update tool to increase the SGC % companywide on Employee Super Records

It also includes important notes on how to run the tool and what is not updated using the tool.

If running this tool for the 1st pay in July, you must not have this pay closed yet. If the pay is open, the transactions will be updated in the open pay.

Important notes

This must be run before you close the first pay paid after 1st July

If running this tool for the 1st pay in July, you must not have this pay closed yet.

If you have closed it, you will need to enter the Start Date of the next pay in the Super update tool.

Alternatively, if possible, you can rollback the first pay, run the tool, re-process the pay and close it.

If the pay is open, the transactions will be updated in the open pay and the employee super record.

Test in your Test Database first.

As always recommended, customers need to run the Super Update tool in Test first to ensure they are happy with the results before applying to live. We would also recommend backing up the live database before the tool is run.

What date is this change effective from?

The change will be effective from the first pay paid on or after 01/07

The Application Date you enter into the Tool will be dependent on your period’s setup and the payment date on those periods

For example:

F1 fortnightly period is from 17/06 to 30/06. The payment date for this period is: 01/07

This means the Application date on the Tool will be 01/07.

The Tool will create a new super record effective 17/06.

This super update tool only updates employee super records.

It does not include updating SGC % on the Super Funds record.

You must have Supervisor Access to be able to see and use the tool.

This means that the Supervisor Box needs to be ticked on the User Profile of the employee running the Tool.

To check, go to Administration > Security > User profiles. Open the User Profile and check the Supervisor field is ticked on the Details tab.

You must select an Employee Query or employee code in the tool

The Tool will not update employees if one of the options below are not used.

You will need to select a Query or enter an employee code in the field below to run the tool.

Remuneration Packages are not updated

For those customers who use Remuneration Packages, the Packages will not be updated using the Super Tool.

This will manually need to be done by company themselves.

Employee Rates will not be updated

If the customer has an override rate setup that is based on an employee’s package if they not using the Rem Package Module, then these rates will not be updated.

For example:

Mickey Mouse has a Sal Package worth $100,000.00 that includes super.
Mickey’s current SGC % is 11% so that is equal to $11,000.00
This means Mickey’s Rate Amount is setup as the difference:
$100.000.00 less $11,000.00 = $89,000.00
Which makes his rate amount: $45.0405 based on a 38 HR week.
When the SGC increases to 11.5%, his rate needs to be lowered.
$100,000.00 less $11,500.00 = $88,500.00
Which makes his rate amount: $44.7874 based on a 38 HR week.

Who runs the Tool if engaging consulting for End of Year processes?

If the customer has engaged consulting for their EOY Upgrade only, then it is the customers responsibility to run the tool

If the customer has engaged consulting for End of Year Assistance or the “Max Package” (Upgrade and End of Year assistance) then running the tool will be done by consulting. Consulting will also update the SGC % on the Super Funds.

Disclaimer – Consulting will not update:

  • employee super records that don’t match the criteria (EG: anyone not on 11.0% Employer Super)
  • employees who are on a $ Amount for Employer Super
  • Rem packages or salary rates
To run the super update tool
  1. Go to Payroll > Superannuation and double-click on Superannuation Update Tool to open it.
  2. Add an employee query in the query field or an employee code
  3. In the Current SG %, field enter 11.0.
  4. In the New SG % field ,enter 11.5.
  5. Select the Application Date. This date will be the start of the pay where the new percentage applies. This will be governed by the Payment date being after 01/07/2024
  6. Click Run Report only.
  7. In the Confirm window, click Yes.
  8. Click Yes to view the audit log.
  9. The log file of changes will appear.
  10. When you close the log file a message will appear:

    If you are happy with the results, click Yes to update. Otherwise, click No.
    If you clicked Yes to update, PayGlobal will then update the Super Funds and Employee Super fund records for the employees.
  11. When complete, you'll be asked if you want to open the audit log.

    Click Yes to open it.
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