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User defined fields

You can use User-Defined Fields (UDFs) to customise PayGlobal to suit your company requirements. UDFs are additional fields that you can add to specific entities.

You could use UDFs to record:

  • An employee charge allowance which may or may not accumulate.
  • Car registration details for employees.
  • First Aid Certificates for employees.
  • Whether job applicants can be contacted during office hours.

You can have as many UDFs as you can fit on any one tab page Each entity can only have four tab pages containing UDFs.

You can add and edit UDFs only if the Supervisor checkbox is ticked in your user profile.
When you create new UDF records, the Entity field and the Lookup Entity field only display the tables permitted by your security access.
You can only edit existing UDF records where the tables contained in the Entity field are part of your security access. If neither the table contained in the Entity field nor the table contained in the Lookup Entities field are part of your security profile, then PayGlobal will only permit view access to the UDF record.

If you have UDFs attached to a makeup table that uses a tag list, not a form, then you cannot see or edit those UDFs. We recommend that you remove UDFs from this type of makeup table.

If you want to continue using these UDFs, then contact Software Support to arrange for the development of an appropriate form for the makeup table.

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