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Time and Attendance Setup manual

Before you can process Time & Attendance (T&A), you need to set up:

  • Company-wide information, such as the System Break Reason and the Export to Payroll details.

  • Records used in rostering, such as Reasons, Breaks, Shifts, and Tours.

  • Employee rostering details, such as Employee Tours, Employee Shift Overrides, and Employee Timeband Overrides.

  • Records used for actuals, such as Clocks, Clock Keys and Anchor Groups.

  • Employee actuals details, such as their anchor group.

  • Employee holidays in Holiday Groups.

  • Employee award rules and T&A allowances.

Daily View is your main interface for T&A processing. This manual explains the Daily View window and shows how to customise the data displayed using queries, sorting, grouping, and filters. It also covers customising the layout by adding columns and toolbars, resizing areas and columns, and saving customised layouts.

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