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Superannuation and Salary Sacrifice manual (Australia)

This manual explains:

  • Function of superannuation entities and fields.

  • How to set up your database if employees are on an award that specifies different superannuation values to the ATO.

  • How to set up superannuation based on Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) allowances with Use in Super Calculations = "Yes":

  • Create superannuation allowances and deductions.

  • Create superannuation funds and attach them to an employee.

  • Create a payroll rule to generate superannuation transactions.

  • Properties of superannuation transactions.

  • How to enter manual RESC transaction values and view RESC in Transaction View.

  • How to import RESC amounts for employees.

  • How to use grid reports, History Analysis and Standard reports for superannuation.

  • How to use the Superannuation Update Tool.

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