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Shortcut keys

Transaction view

Key combinationDescription
+ / InsertAdd an allowance transaction
Add a deduction transaction
*Add a proportional costing transaction
Alt+0Employees Go to Tab Page box (enter a number)
Alt+F3View employees tab list
Alt+F10Customise Column Extensions
Alt+Left arrowCopy transaction from Permanents to Sequence (in Drill Down)
Alt+RReplicate transaction (no warning message appears)
Alt+Right arrowCopy transaction from Sequences to Permanent (in Drill Down)
Ctrl+1Show Sequences in the Drill Down area
Ctrl+2Show Permanents in the Drill Down area
Ctrl+8Show/Hide Contras
Ctrl+9Show/Hide Hidden Allowances
Ctrl+AView Sequence Header
Ctrl+BSelect pay sequence
Ctrl+EndMove to last employee
Ctrl+HView History Analysis
Ctrl+HomeMove to first employee
Ctrl+PView Pay Header
Ctrl+MModel transaction
Ctrl+SSave changes
Ctrl+ZUndo previous action
DeleteDelete transaction
EnterMove from Employee View to Drill Down / Open transaction in Drill Down
F5Refresh screen and data
F8Process tagged leave requests
F9Process transactions
F10Customise Columns
Page DownMove down several employees
Page UpMove up several employees
TabMove between Employee View and Drill Down View


The grid

Key combinationShortcut description
Ctrl+1Sort by Code
Ctrl+2Sort by Description
Ctrl+ESave as Excel
Ctrl+GGenerate Grid report
Ctrl+QDeactivate/Activate Query (View Queries tab) Activate Report (View Reports tab)
Ctrl+MModel Record
Ctrl+RReport Grid (View Entities tab) Rename File (View Documents tab)
Ctrl+TTotal Records
Ctrl+UCustomise Columns
Ctrl+WGenerate Chart (for grouped columns)
Ctrl+ZSave Grid Layout
Ctrl+HomeGo to top of record list
Ctrl+EndGo to end of record list
Ctrl+EnterJump To Entity (available only when selected field relates to another entity)
DeleteDelete Record
EndGo to end of record (line)
Enter/double-clickEdit Record
F4Jump to record (enter a code to jump to)
HomeGo to start of record (line)
InsertAdd Record or Add Document (View Documents tab only)

Add or edit record

Key combinationShortcut description
Ctrl+EnterDisplay the entity that the field is related to
Ctrl+TabMove to next tab page (if the cursor is in the tab page)
Ctrl+MModel field
EndJump to end of field
Esc / F2Cancel
F3List all tab pages in the entity
F5Display the value of the field after each closed pay sequence
F6Open an Audit Analysis of recent changes to the field
HomeJump to start of field
Page UpJump to the first field on the page
Page DownJump to the Save button
Shift+TabMove to previous field
TabMove to next field

View record

Key combinationShortcut description
0Go to Tab Page box (enter a number)
1-9Jump to tab page number 1-9
Ctrl+Page DownJump to last record
Ctrl+Page UpJump to first record
EndLast tab page
EscClose window
F2Edit record
F3List all tab pages in the entity
F4Jump to record (enter a code to jump to)
HomeFirst tab page
Page UpPrevious record
Page DownNext record

Local folders

Key combinationShortcut description
Ctrl+ClickSelect multiple individual messages to forward or delete
Ctrl+FForward message
Ctrl+UCustomise columns
DeleteDelete message (no warning message appears)
EnterEdit / View message
InsertAdd message
Shift+EnterSelect a block of messages to forward or delete


Key combinationShortcut description
Alt+GView the Global List
Ctrl+ARun all reports (from Report Groups)
Ctrl+DEdit destination/format (from Report Groups or Generate Grid Report)
Ctrl+EEdit report settings
Ctrl+IEdit report definition
Ctrl+RReset Grid (from Report Groups)
Ctrl+SpaceTag / Untag All (in check box lists)
Ctrl+XRun selected report (from Report Groups)
F1View Help
F5Refresh Grid
F7See calculator
F8Open the Custom Button menu
F10Show Schedule information
F11Activate the screen saver
SpaceTag / Untag (in check box lists)
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