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Rebuilding accumulators

You may need to rebuild the accumulators any time during the year if you have opened and processed a manual pay for a previous financial year or other reasons.

The rebuild accumulators’ function will clear all the YTD fields and rebuild them based on pays that have been processed with the same YTD Code as entered in the settings below.

The Rebuild Accumulators command rebuilds accumulators from the History Transactions file for the current YTD period.

Important: Rebuild Accumulators overwrites any manual changes, such as synchronization into accumulators (including UDF accumulators). This command updates accumulators using only data that was entered through a pay sequence.

When to rebuild accumulators

Use this command when:

  • You suspect your accumulators are incorrect
  • An application or user error occurs during pay processing and the Accumulators are not updated correctly on close.

Getting accum codes

One way to get the current accumulator codes to use for the Rebuild Accumulators is to look at the Pay Status details.

The highlighted section in the screenshot below displays the codes to use.

Please make sure the codes and dates displayed are from the last pay closed in the current financial year in your database.

To run rebuild accumulators

We highly recommend you take a backup of your database before running this process.

  1. Go to Payroll and double click on Rebuild Accumulators. The Filter screen will appear.
  2. If you want to run this for one employee, make the Query Default and enter the employee code in the field.
  3. If you want to run this for a group of employees, select a query from the list:
  4. If you want to run it for ALL employees, select DEFAULT in the query field and clear any employee codes in the Employee field.
  5. Press OK to continue.
  6. Enter the Accumulator codes as per Pay Status (Last pay closed)
  7. Press OK to continue.
  8. The log file will be displayed when completed.
  9. Close the log file and check your employees.
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