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Product technology

Microsoft SQL Server is used to hold the data displayed in PayGlobal.

The PayGlobal Infrastructure and Components manual outlines the infrastructure needed to run PayGlobal and all its modules.

If your PayGlobal is not hosted by PayGlobal Online, then you should refer any connection issues to your internal IT Administrators.

What version of PayGlobal am I using?

To find which version of PayGlobal you are running, go to Help > About.

See example below:

Where are the application or log files?

If you need to locate the application or version files, go to Help . About in PayGlobal, then go to the
Details tab.

How can I get a copy of a log file that I closed?

If you need to find a Log File that you’ve already closed, go to Administration > Security > Maintain Log files:

I got an hr.exe error, what should I do?

If you receive a HR.exe error, it is recommended that you close PayGlobal then log back on.

If you receive the message below, please press Ignore and try to do the function you were doing before the crash again.

If you receive the error again, when you log back on, press VIEW then copy the detail into an email or save as a text document and email to with information about what you were doing when the error occurred, does the error continue to occur, are all users getting the same error etc.

Please note, that only users with Supervisor ticked on their User Profile will be able to see the Error Dialog box.

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