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Payroll Termination manual (Australia)

This manual covers the following topics:

  • Types of termination payments that employees can receive.

  • How to correct mixed ETPs.

  • How to set up your database to minimise errors when paying terminated employees.

  • How to add transactions and import pays for terminate employees.

  • Employment Termination Payment (ETP) process as outlined by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

  • Major business rules used by ETPs.

  • Exolvo records that you need to set up for terminations.

  • Employee termination types in Employee Terminations (ETP) records and when they are used.

  • How to terminate employees without ETPs and with ETPs.

  • How to add different types of Employee Terminations (ETP) records.

  • How ETP tax is calculated.

  • How to add lump sum adjustments.

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