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PayGlobal support FAQs

It is important to understand that MYOB PayGlobal is a very flexible solution; it can be configured to clients’ precise business process requirements. The product provides legislatively compliant tax calculations (along with the required reports), but employment relations (leave, allowances, entitlements, etc) are often unique to each site. Each site will have undergone an extensive scoping exercise upon implementation. Thus, it is often the case that we are not able to answer your questions on the first call. Sometimes some testing or further research is required. The Support Analyst who takes your call (or is assigned your email) will log a Service Request for you, and then send an email which includes a summary of your question and a Service Request number used for tracking.

Our support analysts often use the Team Viewer application to view your screen. Team Viewer is a simple web application that allows us to view what is on a PayGlobal user’s screen. It just takes a couple of clicks to get going – we’ll send you instructions if a Team Viewer sessions is required. In some circumstances we may require remote access to your network, or in the case of Online Services clients, permission to access your database for further troubleshooting. If troubleshooting a highly customised setup, we may ask for a backup of your database – we will provide instructions for anonymizing your data and sending us a backup via secure FTP.

Who can contact MYOB PayGlobal support?

Due to the sensitive nature of payroll and HR data, there are strict rules around who can log PayGlobal support requests. So, to raise a service request with the MYOB PayGlobal Support team, you must be an authorised contact.

To add new staff to your list of authorised contacts, the key contact should email with the new contacts, along with their email addresses, contact phone numbers, and positions.

How should we contact MYOB PayGlobal support?

For critical P1 calls, ring us at our usual phone number.

For all other requests, it is best to contact us via email on Once you have determined the nature of your problem, define it as clearly and specifically as possible. Explain the precise steps required to produce the problem, and include screenshots from our system that show the unexpected behaviour or data you are experiencing.

You're welcome to use the email template included in the MYOB PayGlobal Support Welcome Pack. Or, you can simply paste the following bullet points into the body of an email to

  • issue title
  • issue description (including any error messages/audit logs you receive or screenshots of what you are referring to)
  • impact/priority, i.e. is this preventing you from completing a pay
  • version numbers (PG/HRSS)
  • backup/remote access
  • database affected (test/live)
  • date of last upgrade
  • recent database changes.
When should we contact MYOB PayGlobal support?

You should contact support if you have a question about the PayGlobal product suite or if you're experiencing a problem.

Before contacting the support team, follow these steps to help determine the problem:

  • Does the help File answer your question? Press F1 to bring up Help.
  • What is the software doing that is different from what you expect? (for example – the rate on a transaction is showing as $15, but you expect it to show as $20 because the rate has recently been increased.)
  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • Have any components of your environment changed recently (e.g., migrated servers, upgraded SQL Server version, etc)
  • Does the problem occur for one employee, a particular group of employees, or all employees?
  • Can you pinpoint differences between elements that exhibit the problem and those that do not? For example, a payroll clerk has the problem, but the payroll manager can do the same procedure on a different machine with no problems.
  • How critical is the problem? Does the problem affect pays going out today?
  • Can you work around the problem until a fix is found? For example – an important report that is printing in the incorrect format can be edited or re-saved in the required format outside the PayGlobal application.
What are the MYOB PayGlobal support's hours of operation?
  • Australia: Monday to Friday, 6:00 am5:00 pm AET (Melbourne).
  • New Zealand: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm NZT.

For critical cases, we have an on-call service available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Calls made outside our core business hours are answered by the on-call Support Analyst, or by a messaging system (if the analyst is on another call). It is very important to leave a message – the analyst will call you back. Please be sure to:

  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • State your name, organisation, and phone number including the area code
  • Give a brief description of the problem so we can prioritise your call. If the problem is critical, an analyst will return your call within one hour. If the problem is not critical, please email the details to and we will reply the following business day.

Please understand that emails are not monitored outside business hours.

How is my service request prioritised?

MYOB PayGlobal support assigns priority based on the urgency of the problem and the effect on your business. The priority of the case determines the targeted initial response time.

If a problem is preventing you from going to bank with a pay, be sure to ring us as soon as possible and raise a request. Our general rule of thumb is that the P1 designation is reserved for issues that prevent pay from going to bank today.

How long will it take to resolve my problem?

It depends – mainly on the type of issue and level of escalation that may be required. The time of year also has an impact, as we are generally busiest at the end of the financial year (between mid-June and late July in Australia, and mid-March and late April in New Zealand).

This table provides a general overview of expected resolution times:

PriorityType of issueExampleResolution time
P1 Critical
  • Operational or software issue that causes data corruption
  • A software crash or hang
  • Functional regression over a previous version and resolution is critical
  • Unable to process a pay that is due the same or next day.
  • Unable to poll time clock and pay day is imminent.

15 minutes to 16 hours.

P1 cases are not left open overnight (unless there are extenuating circumstances).

P2 High

  • Data corruption
  • Software crash
  • Termination pay is required and a question arises about leave transaction payouts.
  • Tax reports do not balance and payment is due within 2 days.
One hour to 2 business days.
P3 Medium
  • Questions supported under the client support agreement (such as maintenance, edits, advice, assistance, and orders)
  • Questions around running standard reports to product a certain set of data.
  • Manually calculating annual leave transactions or accruals.
  • Setting up permanent transactions.
  • Setting up or editing User Profiles and/or Security Profiles.

One to five business days.

Providing feedback

MYOB PayGlobal Support is keen to know how we can improve our service – we would love to hear from you with any suggestions. The best way to provide feedback is via the surveys that are sent out when a service request is closed. You will be given the opportunity to rate our service on a scale of 1 to 10, and you can tick items that either need improvement or are worth recommending. There is also a free text field which you are welcome to use for additional comments.

Feedback outside the survey process is welcome and is best directed to your MYOB PayGlobal Account Manager.

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