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Logging into ESS Admin (

If you are on Version or above, there is an admin site you can access. The login details are the same as the PayGlobal application. 

To enable Self-Service Admin

Your PayGlobal application UserProfile will need to have Self-Service admin enabled. If the fail count is 3 or higher you will not be able to login. If it is please reset the fail account back to 0 




  1. Click Administration
  2. Choose User Profiles from the Security folder
  3. Click the Self Service Tab
  4. Choose Yes from the Self-Service Admin drop down







Setting up two-factor authentication

You will need to log in to your ESS admin site. The web URL will end with AdminLogin.Login. You should be able to add ‘Admin’ before the first login with a capital ‘A’ to take you to the admin site. 


The username and password for the ESS admin site is the same login details for this screen below.  






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