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Leave in Open Periods manual

Leave in open periods (LOP) is an optional feature within the Rostering and Time & Attendance modules. It gives users the ability to have approved leave requests from ESS automatically inserted into the open Roster or Actuals pay period as a leave timeband.

LOP also (where applicable) automatically adjusts/replaces existing timebands to accommodate the time taken by the leave request.

To use LOP, your setup must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • PayGlobal is version Exolvo 4.23 or newer

  • PayGlobal licensed for:

  1. Rostering and/or Time and Attendance modules;

  2. Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Employee Self-Service is version or newer;

  • Your employees have some form of "roster", i.e. they must have a minimum of either a Tour, a Shift Override or a Timeband Override setup on their employee record

  • Employees have a Leave Request Setting record that has the fields the Display Schedule Source set to Rostered and the Leave Units Required Source set to either Rostered or Avg Profiled Hrs.

    To learn more about LOP please view the online manual.

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