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Inland Revenue authentication update and planned outage - October 2022

On the weekend of 8 to 10 October, Inland Revenue are upgrading their system authorisation services. You will not be able to send any payday data to them during this time, whether you use the Gateway or FileUpload service.

If you use the Gateway service, you'll need to authenticate the PayGlobal PayDay Manager Reporting tool when the services come back online after 8 am on Monday 10 October.

Authenticate the PayDay Manager Reporting tool
  1. After 8am on Monday 10 October, open the PayDay Manager Reporting tool. At the top-right of the form you'll see a warning that you are not authenticated.
  2. Click the Not authenticated link. An authentication window will open.
  3. Read and accept the MYOB terms of use.
    • Depending on your PayGlobal setup, you may need to copy and paste a URL into your browser to view the terms.
    • Select I accept the terms of use, and click Next to continue.
    A second authentication window will open.
  4. Use the link or URL to go to the myIR login screen, and log in using the account you use for your PayGlobal database business account.

    • If you don't know your myIR login details, contact the business owner or myIR account administrator. MYOB do not hold this information.

    • Make sure you use the link or URL from this screen to authenticate, rather than going straight to the Inland Revenue homepage, as it contains the information to link it to PayGlobal.

    A confirmation screen will open to let you know it was successful.

  5. Go back into PayGlobal and click Continue on the authentication form. An "Authenticated successfully" message will open.

Once this is complete, the message at the top-right of the PayDay Manager screen will change to Authenticated. You can continue filing as normal.

For more information, see PayGlobal online help:


An error occurred while checking your authentication status. Please try again later.

If you get this error when clicking Not authenticated, Support for help.

Submissions have auth errors, but the PayDay Manager Reporting tool shows as Authenticated

If you have succesfully authenticated the PayDay Reporting Manager tool, try going through the authentication process again:

  1. Close and reopen the tool. It should show as Not authenticated.
  2. Follow the authentication instructions again.

If you still have authentication issues after this, Support for help.

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