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I've received a letter from the ATO saying I don't meet STP obligations

Some customers have received emails from the ATO advising they are not meeting STP obligations by not currently reporting with single touch payroll phase 2.

Follow the steps below to resolve this.

1. Check your settings
  1. Open the Single Touch Payroll Manager Tool
  2. Click on the Magnifying Glass symbol next to the last submission sent
  3. Go to the Support Information tab and check the version.

If this shows as Version 3, then you are not reporting in STP Phase 2 (Version 4) and you will need to update / check the areas below.


2. Check the Internal Company Setup
  1. Go to Organisation / Divisions / Internal companies.
  2. Open the Internal company used for payroll.
  3. Check there is a STP V4 Date on the details tab.

If there is no date, you will need check if the allowances have been updated with the ATO Categories/Sub Categories.

See example below:


If you haven’t, they will need consulting to setup the STP V4 allowances etc. and it will need to be escalated to Consulting.

If you have, then add a STPV4 Start date.


3. Check the Internal Company is attached to the Period Code
  1. Go to Organisation / General Periods / Periods.
  2. Open the period code and check there is an Internal Company setup on the details tab.
  3. If not, you will need to add it.


Once you have checked and updated the above where needed, you will need to process an Update Event in the Single Touch Manager Tool to update all of the employees Year to Date values to the right sections of the STP submissions to the ATO.

When you run the update event, we highly recomend you create a query on the Employee table that will include all of the employees paid within the current financial year. You can then use this query in the Single Touch Manager Tool Update event.

Please refer to the link below for instructions:

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