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How to remove leave from an open pay sequence requested through ESS

To remove leave from an open pay sequence that was requested through ESS there is three places that need to be checked in the following order. 




Deleting the leave request from the Transaction view
  • Ensure that the transaction view doesn't have an leaver transactions that have been created for the employee if needed remove leave that has already been imported into transaction view you will need to remove the transaction from Transaction view and 'CTRL+S'  
Deleting the record from the leave Request Settings

To delete the record from the Leave Request Settings from the PayGlobal Tree,

  1. Click Employees
  2. Click Payroll
  3. Click Leave
  4. Click Leave Requests
  5. Right click on the leave request you want to delete and choose Delete


Deleting the record using the trash can icon

Depending on your ESS workflow setup you may be able delete the leave request using the trash can icon on the regular ESS site under the 'Leave Admin menu' or 'Leave Admin role' 

  1. Click Leave Admin
  2. Search for the leave request using the filter tools
  3. Click the Trash Can icon to delete the leave request


If the trash can icon is not visible or does not work log into the ESS admin site and use the process flow delete function 



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