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The entitlement entity in PayGlobal defines the setup of all elements that look after payments made in PayGlobal.


Allowances are used to credit employees for work performed. Generally, the payment to an employee will be a monetary amount, either fixed, as in the case of a salary, or for hours worked. Other examples of payments include Bonus & Time & Half.

Allowance groups

Allowance Groups are used to group particular types of allowances together. For example, an Allowance Group may be used to tell the system which Allowances should be included in Payroll tax calculations for a Payroll Rule. Whenever an employee is paid an Allowance that references an Allowance Group, the value of that Allowance will be included in the calculation.

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Deductions are the amount that is deducted from an employee's pay. They will represent the Credit side of the General Ledger balance sheet.

Pay rates

Employee Pay Rates can be attached to an award or at an individual employee level.

If pay rates are associated as part of an award where there is a set rate of pay for a particular work classification, then pay rates can be set against the award.

If employee pay rates do not form part of an award and as specific to the individual employee the rate of pay is set at the employee level.

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An organization is likely to have several different types of Leave requirements. For example, some employees may be entitled to three weeks Annual Leave annually, while others may be entitled to four weeks with Leave Loading.
Separate Leave Tables are created for each set of conditions that an organization must meet. Then, in the employee record, attach the applicable Leave Tables using the Leave tab page.
Accumulating Leave values are also displayed in the employee record. For example, Annual Leave accumulation and entitlement is displayed in the Annual Leave tab page of the employee record.
Leave tables can be defined for the following leave types

  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Leave Credits. E.g. RDO, Time in Lieu

Annual leave table

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Sick leave table

Long service leave table

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Leave credit table

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