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Editing entity codes

This page explains how to change codes in PayGlobal.

Very important information

  • If you are changing the employee code, you must NOT do this when a pay sequence is open as it may cause the pay to crash on close.
  • It is highly recommended to take a database backup before making these changes.
  • We recommend you thoroughly test these change(s) in your Test database before applying to your live database.
  • Do not cancel the process after it’s started.
  • You cannot change the employee code in Australian Databases if you have already sent a STP Submission to the ATO containing the employee.
  • Do not change codes already used in ESS. For example: Allowance codes.
To edit the employee record

This procedure uses the employee code as an example. It explains how to edit the employee code, then save and rename record.

  1. Click Edit on the employee record.
  2. In the Code field, change the employee's code to what you want it to be.

  3. Click Save.

  4. In the Confirm window, you'll be asked if you want the change to be logged for future action. Click Yes.

  5. Click Save and Close

    The employee code will revert to the old code, do not worry as there is a second step to this process.

  6. Right-click on the Employee Grid and select Rename Record.

  7. From the list, select the Employee Code change.

  8. Click Activate Tagged Changes.

  9. Click Yes to view the detailed log file. This shows which tables have been updated.

    The actual process might take a few minutes depending on your database size etc. I would recommend this is done when you are not in the middle of processing pays etc.

    PayGlobal will then go through all the tables that have the employee code in them and update it.

  10. When completed, click Yes to view the log file.

    The log file is then displayed similar to the below.

  11. Close the log file and the rename record screen. The employee code is now updated.

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