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DUO - Changing device

From time to time, you may need to change the device that provides the 2nd factor of authentication. An example is when you get a new phone or if you are working from a different location and need to change the phone line number.

If using the landline option, we recommend entering your mobile phone number in place of any landline so that your mobile phone is called as the 2nd factor of authentication.

If you have ticked the checkbox on the portal so that you are not prompted for 46 days, then you will either need to use a different browser for this process, OR you can clear the cache on your browser so you can be prompted.

See DUO guide for further information on adding/removing devices:

The instructions that follow allow you to add an additional device and you have the old device.

To change device
  1. Click on My Duo.
  2. Click Send me a Push and approve request on old phone.
  3. Click Add another device.
  4. Enter the phone details and ticket to confirm.
  5. Click on type of phone.
  6. Open Duo Mobile, Tap the “+” button and scan the barcode.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Change Default Device to new phone and click Save.
  9. All done! Close the browser and re-open to navigate to portal and login.
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