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Common ESS Errors



How do I re-export finalised timesheets?

Logon to ESS and change to the Timesheet Admin role, click on Finalized then click the "Re-export finalized Timesheets" button. 

Error creating datasource: employeeLeavecalendar- calendar data


  • Periods/dates
  • Holiday Group (check for duplicates)
  • Leave tables (dates, etc)
  • Leave Credit tab (check for duplicates)
  • Leave Request settings (check for duplicates)

Login details incorrect


  • end date on Appointment
  • appointment is Default and Active
  • no planned termination date
  • no termination date
  • using the correct password

You are unable to access documents due to an invalid data setup. Please contact Payroll.

There is no ESS Security Profile attached to the Employee’s WAP.

The wrong days are available to apply for leave in the ESS calendar

If the Leave Request settings are set to "Roster", then the roster might be setup incorrectly or starting from the wrong date/day. There also might not be any shifts attached to the roster or no start and end times on the shifts attached to the roster.
If the Leave Request settings are setup as "Profiled", then check the employee has Profiled hours.

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