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Client branding

Login page

  1. Background image (aspect ratio: 1600*900)

  2. Company Logo (aspect ratio: 343*50)

  3. Links above the Sign in button

  4. Help message area down the bottom of the page

Home page

  1. Purple banner

  2. Company logo on the top left corner (aspect ratio: 200*29)

  3. Banner text (“Welcome to Self-Service” message)

  4. The profile control menu – Header text (Employee name and position on profile menu)

  5. The profile control menu – background colour for focused item

  6. The profile control menu – Item text for focused item

  7. Vertical line in the homepage accordion

Configuration of colours

  • Colour 1: Banner (1), highlight of focused item in the profile menu (5), vertical line in the homepage accordion (7)

  • Colour 2: Banner text (3), employee name and position on profile menu (4), item text in Profile menu on hover (6)

You can't customise the links – they'll be blue, not purple. 

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