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Applying a PayGlobal Patch

This page is about how to apply patches to PayGlobal.

To complete the process, you'll need to download and unzip the update files, copy some files from the old version application directory, and then edit the HR.ini file so the system knows which files to use.

Applying a PayGlobal patch

 This article uses an update from version to as an example but the steps apply to other updates as well.

  1. Download the update file that you have been provided with.
  2. Unzip the file into your PayGlobal application folder.
    • To find the current version folder, go to Help > About > Details in PayGlobal.
    • To make sure this has been done correctly, check you can see the new version folder in the payglobal application folder.
  3. Copy the required system files from the prior version folder to the new folder:
    • RPM_HR.ini
    • PayGlobal.Business.NET.dll.config

    • The Rept folder

  4. Go back to the PayGlobal application folder, and edit the HR.ini file in Notepad (or a similar text editor).
    • Replace all instances of the old version number (e.g. "") with the new version number, "". In Notepad, press Ctrl + H to find and replace.
    • Save the file once this is done.
  5. Check the update was successful:
    • Log in to PayGlobal.
    • Go to Help > About to confirm the version is correct.

Patch FAQs

Why is process pay stuck on waiting or reports not running after I have upgraded?

This could be happening because the RPM_HR.ini file has not been copied across during the upgrade process.

Why am I getting an error printing reports after updating?

If you get an "Error in procedure AddReportTask" when printing reports, make sure you've copied the Rept folder over to the new version folder.

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