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Managing Annual Leave in Weeks

This document discussed considerations around the change to calculating Annual Leave in weeks introduced in MYOB IMS Payroll 6.52.

Annual Holidays Rate Formulas

This document discusses the changes to Annual Leave rate calculation introduced in MYOB IMS Payroll 6.52.

Annual Leave

This document answers common questions around setting up and processing Annual Leave in MYOB IMS Payroll

Annual Leave and Piece Rates

Attachment Orders

This document discusses the calculation rules for Protected Net Earnings and Attachment Orders in MYOB IMS Payroll.

Change of Ownership

Family Violence Leave

This document describes how to set up and process Domestic Violence Leave in MYOB IMS Payroll.

File Transfer Instructions

This document contains instructions for sending files to and from MYOB IMS Payroll using the Hightail file transfer site.

Find Record Grid

This document is a guide to using the Find Record grid, which provides a configurable grid display of relevant data on several tabs in the MYOB IMS Payroll system.

Getting Started Manual

This document details the initial steps you should take when setting up and using MYOB IMS Payroll for the first time.

Installation Notes

This document provides details on the available options and setup requirements for installing MYOB IMS Payroll.


This document provides information on setting up and managing employee records for KiwiSaver.

Leave Earnings History

This document discusses how to set up, import and maintain employees' Leave Earnings History.

Managing Payments for COVID-19

This document provides guidance on how to access and set up the government subsidies as a result of COVID-19. 

Minimum Wage Top Up

This document describes how to use the Minimum Wage Top Up Calculator tool to ensure employees are paid the minimum wage requirements covered in the Minimum Wage Act 1983.

New Release 6.52 Webinar

This document accompanies the webinar that introduces the MYOB IMS Payroll 6.52 release.

Parental Leave

This document describes how to set up and process Parental Leave in MYOB IMS Payroll.

Payday Filing

This document describes how to set up and run Payday Filing in MYOB IMS Payroll.

Payments and Deductions

This document provides details on the options available when setting up payments and deductions in MYOB IMS Payroll.

Payroll Giving

This document provides an overview of Payroll Giving and instructions on how to process it in MYOB IMS Payroll.

Payslip Logo

This document details the required image format and dimensions for logo images that are inserted into payslips.

Sending Emails

This document describes how to set up MYOB IMS Payroll for sending documents (the registration form, employee payslips) via email.

March 2024 Tax Year End Procedures

User Security

This document describes the User Security features available in MYOB IMS Payroll.

Using Average Daily Pay

This document discuses how Average Daily Pay can be set up and used in MYOB IMS Payroll.

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