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For more documentation, see the MYOB IMS Payroll education centre.


IMS Online Synchronisation Tool

Learn how to send documents for employees to read in IMS Online, how to reset passwords and how to update IMS Online from IMS Payroll.

Installing IMS Online

This guide steps you through installing IMS Online. With just a few clicks of a button from IMS Payroll, you will be up and running in no time.

IMS Online hosting and security

IMS Online is a hosted software service. Read this document to find out the technical details such as security, backups and safety of your data.

Quick data entry tips

Find out some tips and tricks to make data entry within IMS Online a breeze – plus learn about filtering data, search tips and more.

IMS Cloud: browser support

A guide to browser support for using IMS Cloud.


Split max and express database

You may only want some employees to use Max (time sheets and leave), while other employees only require Express (request leave). In this case it might be beneficial to split the single database into an Express and Max database.

Days worked counter (HP and ADP rates)

IMS Payroll works out HP and ADP rates; however, sometimes organisations want more control over this and have these values determined in a different way.

Show different leave balances to different employee groups

By default, the same leave balances are shown to all employees, however, sometimes organisations wish to show different balances to different groups.

Show different leave reasons to different employee groups

This document explains how IMS Online can be customised to show different leave reasons to any of your employee groups.

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Leave Escalations

By default, LWOP will be paid when leave balances are exhaustive. There are two types of escalations, read this document to find out more.

Projected Annual Leave

Find out how IMS Online can be customised to estimate future annual leave balances, taking into account leave requests that haven't yet been processed

Relative hours for variable employees

By default, daily leave will be paid based on standard daily hours as held in IMS Payroll. Find out how daily leave can be valued based on rostered hours for the day.

Daily leave rounding

Find out how IMS Online can be customised to work out partial day daily leave units. For Variable employees, this should be read in conjunction with relative hours

Consolidating multiple IMS Payroll databases

Some organisations may have a requirement for multiple IMS payroll databases, but the time and attendance rules may be similar across all databases which therefore can be held within one IMS Online database.

IMS Online Express

Administrator guide: getting started

Get IMS Online Express up and running in no time for your organisation. Although it is all set up and ready to go for you, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

MYOB IMS Online Express – Employee user guide

Get all the details, answers & tips on how to use the IMS Online Express system as an employee.

MYOB IMS Online Express – Manager user guide

Learn the best ways to manage your employee's leave details and requests including approvals, email alerts and partial leave.

TimeFiler mobile app guide

With the app, employees can manage their leave & timesheets and managers approve requests and run reports. Payroll Administrators can also edit rosters, create timesheets and more.

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Administrator guide: modifying employee rosters

IMS Online attempts to derive rosters based on data stored in IMS Payroll, however, at times they may need to be modified. Discover the importance of ensuring rosters are correct.

Administrator guide: import leave payments into IMS Payroll

Leave payments are generated in IMS Online Express, ready for import into IMS Payroll. This guide steps you through the process and provides troubleshooting tips.

Administrator guide: adding new Administrator users

Find out how to add new Administrator users; accessing the system as Administrator if not logging in via IMS Payroll; and how to reset Administrator passwords.

Administrator guide: recalculating leave requests

Find out the importance of recalculating leave requests on a regular basis.

Administrator guide: leave request emails

Find out when e-mails are generated in IMS Online, and what they say.

IMS Online Max

Administrator guide: IMS Online Max

Provides an Overview to using IMS Online Max

Administrator guide: import Payments into IMS Payroll

Leave and worked time payments are generated in IMS Online Max, ready for import into IMS Payroll. This guide steps you through the process and provides troubleshooting tips.

Employee Guide

Provides a guide for employees on how to use IMS Online Max.

Manager Guide

Provides a guide for managers on how to use IMS Online Max.

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Administrator guide: understanding Timesheet Multiple Approvals

If employees work across more than one Work Area, you may require more than one Manager approval for the timesheet. Read this document to find out more.

Administrator guide: clock warnings & settings

IMS Online may be set-up to integrate with a clocking device, for example, electronic time clock, finger scanners, etc. Read this document to find out how to make it all work.

Administrator guide: IMS Online Max workflow

With IMS Online Max, there are a number of tasks you need to carry out each pay period. Read this short overview to make sure you get it right.

Administrator guide: send leave reminders

Prior to creating time sheets, Administrators may send an email to remind employees and managers to attend to outstanding Leave requests, this document shows you how.

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