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Technical resources

Security recommendations

MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations April 2024

Recommendations for older versions

MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations October 2023

MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations May 2022

KB 1380 | 1 Jun 2022

MYOB Security Recommendations March 2022

The updated MYOB Security Recommendations for March 2022 includes the new facility for sending email using Exchange Web Services with OAuth2 or basic authentication.

KB 1371 | 25 Mar 2022

MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations December 2021

KB 1358 | 13 Dec 2021

MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations November 2021

KB 1352 | 18 Nov 2021

MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations February 2021

This document describes practices that will increase the security of Greentree systems and the data they hold. It identifies the intention of each practice, describes how it increases security, signals implications of adopting the practice and gives detailed instructions.

KB 1209 | 4 Feb 2021

Environment guides

MYOB Greentree Environment Guide October 2023

17 Oct 2023
Guides for older versions

MYOB Greentree Environment Guide September 2021

KB 1351 | 18 Nov 2021

MYOB Greentree Environment Guide April 2021

This document combines the previous Environment Guide, Hardware Guide and Supported Platforms documents from 2018.

KB 1332 | 3 May 2021

Environment Guide - Updated Jan 2019

This is an updated Environment Guide, this is only updated from the previous versions that were in Campus, not new documents

KB 1189 | 10 Jan 2019

Environment Guide Updated August 2018 Environment Guide updated August 2018

KB 1157 | 21 Sep 2018

Email Configuration and Troubleshooting

17 Oct 2023

Hardware Guide - Updated Jan 2019

This is an updated Hardware Guide from the version in Campus

KB 1190 | 10 Jan 2019

Team Security 2018.3.0

Outlines the changes to Team Security in 2018.3.0 how it affects new and existing sites plus a comprehensive list of every field in User Preferences and how it is updated, in terms of Teams vs User settings.

KB 1165 | 31 Oct 2018

Installation Guide (Campus) Installation Guide

KB 1129 | 23 Mar 2018
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