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Unable to access payslip report when viewing payslips from within pays (New Zealand)

In New Zealand, from the 2015.02 version a new button was added to several screens. This button is called 'View Payslip' and opens a preview payslip report showing the details of the pay being viewed. The button is available on the Edit Days/Hours Paid History Window for Holiday Pay and Relevant Hourly Rate Method, in the Standard Pay tab as well as on the Current Pay and One Off Pay windows.

The 'View Payslip' button only uses the Custom Payslip report. If the Custom Payslip report is not normally printed for the employees, the 'View Payslip' will not be identical to the normal Payslip report that is printed but can still be used for this situation. However, the following situations may occur depending on setups in the software.

“Custom payslip: You need to enable the custom payslip report in Payroll Setup”

This requires the Custom Payslip to be enabled which is done through “Setup Exo Payroll”.

To enable the custom payslip report
  1. Click on 'Utilities' then 'Setup Exo Payroll'
  2. Click on 'Setup Page 2' then click on the 'Special Options Setup' button
  3. Click on 'Payslip Setup' then tick the “Enable custom payslip report” option
  4. Click on the Save:F10 button or press F10 to save this setting.

“Access Denied – You do not have security access to print custom payslips”

This message occurs when the Report - Custom Payslip has not been selected for this Payroll User. The Payroll User may have the correct Access Rights for this to be changed however, if they don’t then this will require another Payroll User with sufficient access to make the changes – usually the Admin Login (User code = A). This is done through “User Security” using the following steps.

To give a user access to the report
  1. Click on 'Utilities' then 'User Security'
  2. Enter in the User Code that is experiencing the message under the 'Details' Tab then press Enter or Tab.
  3. Click on the 'Access Rights' tab and on the left hand side is the Available column which the 'Report - Payslip Custom' will be appearing in. For this User to access this report, move the 'Report - Payslip Custom' to the Selected column by double-clicking on the report or selecting the report and clicking on the > button.
  4. Once the report has been moved to the Selected column then click on the Save:F10 button or press F10 to save this change.
  5. The Payroll User will need to exit the software then log back into this company for the change to take effect.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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