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Troubleshooting BundyPlus G6 and G8 time clocks

This article explains what to do if a BundyPlus G6 or G8 series time clock appears to stop working. These clocks were adopted by MYOB's Enterprise Division from 2011 onwards and used with MYOB Exo Time and Attendance software. Keep in mind that:

  • Most problems reported to our helpdesk can be resolved by following the information below.
  • Some steps can be carried out by Payroll staff, some require help from IT support staff, some need an electrician.
  • Hardware failures are unusual unless there has been physical damage, a power surge, or perhaps a lightning strike around time the problem began. Even in these situations, it is good to eliminate common problems via the steps below.

Information here applies to clocks that have been working correctly. For a clock (or associated computer) that has never worked, situation is likely to relate to the installation process:

  • For example - if polling fails with Status "This timeclock is not a valid MYOB time clock" this might mean the new clock does not have an "MYOB firmware" update, or maybe the version of Clockcomms used is not appropriate.
  • For Australian clients, installation is carried out by their Business Partner.
  • In New Zealand, clients without a Business Partner can book installation help via our Consulting team.
  • This knowledgebase contains other articles covering specific error messages and situations. For example, if issue relates to a brand new computer that can open "Time and Attendance" OK but has never been able to Poll existing clocks - search for "37145" and follow that article.

Step 1 – Restarting the clock

Always begin by restarting the clock. As with any IT equipment, this can resolve a lot of problems:

To restart the clock
  1. Disconnect mains power for 20-30 seconds, and then reconnect. At the same time, check that the clock display looks normal, check for any physical damage and that Network and Power cables are connected.

    These clocks retain data while restarting (and during power outages).
  2. Check that screen goes blank when power is disconnected. If stays on, this indicates clock has a backup battery, and has not restarted. In this case, an electrician needs to open clock case and restart via switch on motherboard.
  3. If screen display looks different to normal (say faint or flickering), this might indicate the mains socket or clock’s power-pack is faulty. Worth trying a different socket and (for sites with multiple clocks) an electrician could try swapping power-pack from a compatible model.

Step 2 – If polling gives an error, or no data appears in reports

2.1 - Begin by Polling again. When complete, the “Poll Time Clock Status” screen is displayed – check this carefully:

  • For each clock, “Status” should be “OK” – this indicates clock is working correctly and data has been downloaded. In this case, problem does not relate to the clock – try Step 3 below.
  • Any other Status message indicates no data has been downloaded. Follow sections below in order – test after each stage.

2.2 - If Polling Status is NOT “OK”- likeliest cause is that the “Payroll" computer cannot communicate with the clock:

  • This would happen if the clock’s power or network cable is disconnected.
  • Otherwise likely to be resolved by a restart - follow Step 1 above.

2.3 – Next – with help from your IT support:

  • Confirm clock's IP Address can be “Pinged” from the “Payroll” computer and that it is a "static address" on the network.
  • A failed Ping test might indicate a clock problem, but is far more likely to relate to the network environment.
  • Before assuming the clock has a problem, we suggest testing in a different environment, perhaps with different (and static) IP address.
  • For G6 clocks, the configuration menu (typically section 11.3) allows restoring to factory settings (which could remove settings-related issues). Would then need to set up entire clock up as if brand new.
  • If a Ping test succeeds, worth trying again with clock powered off. If still succeeds, this indicates IP address is not Static and is in use by another device on the network.

2.4 – If Payroll computer and clock were OK but can no longer communicate (for example the Clockcomms "Get Version" command times out) - think about what might have changed since last worked:

  • Any changes in network, firewall, or security settings that might impact communication?
  • Check settings in the Clock, ClockComms software and Time and Attendance software match and are correct (so treat as if a new installation and check everything). For example...
  • The Site ID and Clock ID values within Time and Attendance (Time Clock Setup) must match those within the ClockComms "Maintenance Centre" (Time Clock Settings). For G6 clocks, corresponding values must exist within the clock.
  • For G6 clocks, the Remote Port value set within the clock must match that in the ClockComms "Maintenance Centre" (Time Clock Settings).
  • Has software been moved, upgraded, or being accessed from a new computer? Are versions correct and paths to new location appropriate?

Step 3 – If polling gives “OK” but no data appears in reports

This indicates clock is fine and something in Time and Attendance is “hiding” the data. Beyond scope of this article - worth thinking about:

  • If only affects a few random employees, did they actually “Clock” successfully?
  • If “missing” employees are new and never worked, likely their setup is not complete or their finger was enrolled at clock using an invalid Company-Card number.
  • If many people are affected, is something in report “Selection Ranges” excluding them?
  • Has a “Backup” been restored (perhaps as part of correcting a pay issue)? In this case, company data in all modules reverts to date and time of backup. If "Polled" since then, data will be lost (and been removed from clock).
  • If everyone is affected – might relate to having another company with the same “Company Card Prefix” (in it’s Time and Attendance module). Can happen if backup from “issue” company was restored into a new company (say for testing). In this case, edit the test company to use a different number.
  • If some days work OK, while random others have missing data, it’s possible another “Time and Attendance” installation exists (say a copy of installation folder used for testing). If this is used to “Poll”, clock data is downloaded into the “wrong” installation (and removed from clock).

Step 4 – If the finger scanner doesn't work

4.1 - Begin by restarting clock - follow Step 1 above:

  • Keep in mind a small percentage of fingers (say with scars or damage) might never work and that correct positioning (of finger on scanner) is important.
  • If works correctly for most users most of the time, clock and scanner are likely to be OK.
  • If still a problem, follow sections below in order – test after each stage.

4.2 - A scanner with visible dirt, grease or damage is unlikely to work. Clock manuals include information on sensor maintenance and cleaning.

4.3 - Worth testing normal process to enrol a new user and fingerprint. If this still works, the scanner is likely to be OK.

4.4 - For G6 clocks, the configuration menu has options to adjust sensitivity – see sections:

  • 12.2 (Security Level) - for clocks supplied from 2011 onwards.
  • 2.3 (Minimum Enrol Quality) and 12.4 (Minimum Enrol Content) for clocks supplied from 2011 to 2014.
  • The “Default” settings are best - altering them is unlikely to help.
  • Could also use clock configuration menu (typically section 11.3) to restore to factory settings (to remove settings-related problems). Will then need to set up entire clock up as if brand new.

4.5 - If there is still a problem, the finger scanner might be worn or faulty (does happen, but unusual). In this case, think about:

  • For an older clock that appears generally worn or damaged – replacement with current model might be the most economic option.
  • If clock appears in good condition, could ship to manufacturer (in Melbourne) for checking and repair.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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