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TR2 and TR3 time clock documents and manuals

The TR2 and TR3 time clocks were supplied from the mid-1990's up to 2010 to work with the Time and Attendance software.

The TR2 and early TR3 models connect via "serial cable", using either RS232 protocol (for single clocks and shorter distances) or RS485 protocol (for multiple clocks and longer distances). Later models of the TR3 clocks (termed "IP Clocks") connect via a network cable and use "Internet Protocol".

Attached to this article are reference information and manuals that can assist in configuring, using and maintaining these clocks.

Below is a list of attached documents. To download a document, click on it to view the document. Then click the download icon on the top right of the document viewer.

  • Barcode Scanner Configuration.pdf – process to configure a brand new "posiflex CD-2860 CCD Scanner".
  • Clock out barcodes.pdf prints a sheet of identical Barcodes that can be used to clock-out when an employee has finished for the day (rather than changing to a new job):
    • This is an alternative to the employee "Swiping" then pressing the Enter key on the clock or an attached keyboard.
    • Useful for some job-costing configurations where a barcode scanner is attached to the clock.
  • MYOB Timeclock User Guide.pdf the Manual originally supplied with the TR3 clocks. Installation, wiring and the optional finger scanner are covered.
  • the most recent "Program To Execute" version. To use this file, download the file from this article then unzip the file, extracting the contents to the software directory. In the "Timeclock Setup" screen, select the appropriate clock then set the file as the "Program To Execute".
  • TR2 clock manual revised.pdf the Manual originally supplied with the TR2 clocks. Includes information on installation, electrical wiring and selection of RS232/RS485 operation.
  • TR3 bell wiring diagram.pdf schematic of Bell and relay wiring (for use by qualified electricians).
  • TR3 IP clock manual.pdf provides technical information regarding clock installation.
  • TR3 Specifications.pdf provides detailed TR3 clock specifications.
  • TR3 TimeClock user manual.pdf provides a comprehensive guide to the TR3 user interface and menu options. Contains a useful description of the clock and data input methods.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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