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Setting up and applying user-definable other leave (New Zealand)

MYOB Exo Payroll is already setup with Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, Bereavement Leave, Alternative Leave, Long Service Leave, Public Holidays and Unpaid Leave. However, if another form of leave is required then MYOB Exo Payroll New Zealand version provides an option to set this up.

As the Other Leave is a global Leave Type, when it is activated all employees will have this available in the Sick and Other Leave tab of their Employee Maintenance. Employees that meet the criteria specified in the Setup will have the appropriate entitlement applied in their record.

To set up other leave
  1. How to setup Other Leave
  2. Click on the Utilities menu then select Setup Exo Payroll.
  3. On Setup Page 1 click on Leave Management Setup.
  4. In the Leave Management Setup Page, select Other Leave Setup which will then provide the option to turn this Leave Type on.
  5. Tick Use Other Leave to activate this Leave Type.
  6. The Name of the Leave Type can be changed in the User Defined Leave Name field to whatever the Leave is to be called.
  7. Tick the box Accrue on lump sum days only if the employee is not to accrue this leave through the year but is to receive a lump sum of days at rollover of the Entitlement Date.
  8. Enter a Cost Centre if all payments of this Leave Type are to be costed to a global cost centre. Leave this field blank if the payments are to be costed individually for each employee.
  9. Select the Value method for this Leave as Holiday Pay or Sick Pay, depending on the Rate calculation that is to be used when this Leave is paid out.
  10. Tick the box Warn of outstanding balance on termination to prompt a reminder during the Termination process, if this is required.
  11. In the Change lines, enter the Entitlement the employees are to get for this Leave Type and when it is to take effect. Note: The Entitlement will be applied to all employees once they meet the criteria specified.
  12. Click on the Save:F10 button or press F10 to save these settings, click on Save from the Leave Management screen then Save from the Setup Exo Payroll screen.

Applying to individual Employee record

In the Sick and Other Leave tab of Employee Maintenance, the Other Leave is now available to use as follows:

This screen contains the Other Leave balances for the current employee.

  • Entitlement days - This field represents the number of hours or days an employee is entitled to each anniversary
  • Entitlement date - This is the date when the employee will get their next entitlement.
  • Days accrued - Days or Hours accrued since the last Entitlement Date.
  • Days outstanding from previous entitlements - Days or Hours that have yet to be taken from previous years entitlements.
  • Days paid in advance - Days paid out of the current year's accrual, in advance of the next Entitlement Date.
  • Amount paid in advance - Represents the dollar amounts for the days paid out in advance of the current year's accrual.
  • Total days entitlement - Balance that the employee has available to use.
  • Other Leave cost centre - Will use the employee's default cost centre unless a global Cost Centre was specified in the Other Leave Setup screen. If a different Cost Centre is to be used for the employee then enter that Cost Centre in this field.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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