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Setting up a non-cash benefit item in EXO Payroll (Australia)

An employee's salary package can be made up of both cash and non cash remuneration. Non cash items can include company car, cell phone, laptop, etc.

The Non-Cash Benefits section of the MYOB Exo Payroll allows you to add extra items to an Employee's salary package such as fringe benefits, without affecting the employee's net pay (cash remuneration).

To set up a non-cash benefit item
  1. Start MYOB Exo Payroll and log into the company
  2. Go to the Maintenance menu then select Non-Cash Benefits
  3. A blank Non-Cash Benefits screen will appear
  4. Enter an unused Non-Cash Benefit Code to add a new record
  5. Enter a Name for this Non-Cash Benefit
  6. Select the type of payment. Choose from:
    • Fringe Benefit – such as a cellular telephone, pager, fuel card, etc.
    • Salary Sacrifice - Other – If the employee is sacrificing part of their salary in exchange for some generic type of non-cash/fringe benefit, not involving superannuation, select this option.
  7. Select how benefits will be calculated. Choose from:
    • Fixed Dollar Amount
    • % of Gross Pay
  8. If Fixed Dollar Amount is selected then enter the appropriate amount. Leaving the Amount at zero lets you assign the dollar amount at the time of payment for individual employees. For a Fringe Benefit, the taxable value of the benefit prior to any Gross Up calculation should be entered in this field when the Non-Cash Benefit is assigned to an employee.
  9. If % of Gross Pay was selected in the Calculation Method, enter the percentage rate. This setting will value the Non-Cash Benefit as a proportion of the gross pay.
  10. Enter a Cost Centre if the Non-Cash Benefit is to go to that specific Cost Centre, otherwise leave the field as it is.
  11. Select the appropriate Fringe Benefit Type.
    The amount of the Non-Cash Benefit is grossed up by the value of the Type to determine the reportable amount of the Fringe Benefit.
    • Type 1 use where the employer is entitled to an input tax credit for this fringe benefit under the GST legislation.
    • Type 2 use where the employer is not entitled to an input tax credit for this fringe benefit under the GST legislation.
  12. Now the last option is to configure the liabilities. Select the Liability button and tick the items that this Non-Cash Benefit is to add to the gross liable for.
  13. Click on Save:F10 to save the new Non-Cash Benefit.

  14. To start using this Non-Cash Benefit item, assign it to the appropriate employee's Standard Pay if it is to be processed regularly in pays. If the Non-Cash Benefit is to be processed occasionally, predominantly through One Off Pays, then the Non-Cash Benefit would be assigned to that specific pay.

    For further information on how to process Non-Cash Benefits, click here.
    For further information on how to process a Fringe Benefit Non-Cash Benefit, click here.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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