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Reporting from EXO Payroll

Any Software system is only as good as the reporting that you can get out of it and your Payroll system is no exception. Your software should provide you the reports to check:

  • That your pay is accurate each pay period
  • That your pay variances are minimal so that you can budget ahead
  • How your wages are made up and what cost centres are costing the business more
  • That your system is setup correctly and using accurate rates

Your system should also provide you with the flexibility to manipulate your data and get additional information as needed.

Do you have all of this in Exo Payroll? YES!

We often get contacted about custom reporting in the system, however due to the flexibility of the reports in Exo Payroll we generally don't need to help the client customize anything.

Standard Reports

Exo Payroll holds 73 standard reports in the system with Employee data, Pay and Financial Information, Maintenance detail and IRD reporting.
All of the standard reports have multiple filtering and feature options:

  • Sort Orders: To set what order the information on the report is shown in.
  • Selection Ranges: Filter the information you want to see on the report, select just the pieces of information you are interested in.
  • Report Options: Report options include everything from what orientation you want the report in, to what information to show and hide on the report.
If you want ALL information to show on the report leave this area blank, do not use the […] ellipsis buttons.

Selecting different options can give you a completely different report each time!

Report views

Customizable report views are available for Pay Lists, Employee Lists and Holiday Pay Lists. These views enable the users to see the information they want to at any specific time with the ability to create several different views.

The information can be viewed on screen or exported to an Excel document.

Report output

All standard reports have the functionality to report not only to printer & PDF, but also to CSV and Excel. CSV (Comma Separated Values) and Excel reporting are seriously underutilized features in the system - they allow users to export all report data to a spreadsheet to manipulate however you need.

Once you have the report in CSV output or Excel you can add filters, create pivot tables, map links to other spreadsheets to merge reports, create charts & graphs and much much more.

We are in the process of planning an excel training course for all users to learn how to make the most of this option - to register interest please email us on and we will be in touch when we get this off the ground.

Report runs

Report Runs are a fantastic one click feature in Exo Payroll, allowing you to print multiple reports with a single click.

For example: Set up a "Pay Check" Report Run that contains a Paysheet, Payroll Audit report and Leave Paid report to run these 3 reports before finalizing pay.

Create another report run called "Finalise Pay" that may contain a final Paysheet, Holiday Pay Report, Costing Analysis, Audit Report, Direct Credit Schedule and the Payslips to run all of these reports with one click when you have finished the pay.

You can add the same report to the run multiple times with different settings. I.e. you may want to print the report separately for each department.
Click 'Print' once and all reports are printed.

Custom reporting – clarity report writer

Exo Payroll also includes a Clarity Report writer to enable you to build your own reports. Interrogate the data to get what you need and utilize these as you would the standard reports. An intermediate level of SQL knowledge is required for building queries in the data.

Custom reporting – other

On the very rare occasion a client will require something so specific that none of the above options will help. Once we know your requirements and have confirmed that we cannot provide the report we will advise 2 courses of action:

  • Some of our clients have used Microsoft Access to read the database and build reports, we can help you set this up if you already have Microsoft Access knowledge.
  • Many of our Business Partners build customized reports and integrations with other systems, we will put you in touch with the person to best help you meet your needs.

So, there you have it: multiple ways to get more data out of your payroll system to help make your business life easier. If you can't find what you need our team of consultants can spend some time with you to help you get what you want* - just email us on and we will make a time.

*Consulting charges will apply

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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