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Recreating the administrator user account

This article explains a process to recreate the "Administrator" account (ie User code = A) within Exo Payroll (and for any other EXO Employer Services modules in the same installation).

The Payroll User Code "A" (Administrator) is the "Master" account across all Exo Employer Services modules. This account has full access rights to all areas, and cannot be altered or removed thru normal Payroll usage. A "missing" account, or an account that is not working properly, suggests that an event or action has occurred to this company's database that has affected the user security settings.

The following process replaces ALL payroll users in the "Target" company with whatever users exist in the "Demonstration" company.

Errors made when following this process could cause loss of Payroll data.
Ensure that no user has a copy of the software running. If there is a copy of the software running then this can interfere with the process.
To recreate the administrator user account
  1. Make a backup of the entire Exo Employer Services software folder (called Payrollv in the following steps). NOTE: The default folder is called Payrollv but it may be under a different name.
  2. Generate a new "Demonstration" company (to ensure that only the default "Administrator" account exists in that company). This is done in the SAME installation as the Target company.
    1. Within the "Payrollv" delete (or rename) the "Database" folder.
    2. Start the software - this will create a new DATABASE folder and Demonstration Company.
    3. Exit the software.
  3. Within the new DATABASE folder, copy the following four files:
    • Appusers.dbf
    • Appusers.cdx
    • Security.dbf
    • Security.cdx
  4. Use these files to replace the corresponding files in the "Target" company folder. Either overwrite the existing files or rename the existing files before pasting the copied files.
  5. Start the Exo Employer Services software. Should now be able to access the "Target" company using the Administrator account credentials that exist for the "Demonstration" company. Within the "Target" company, other user accounts and access rights do not exist and will have to be setup from scratch (via the Utilities menu and the User Security option).

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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