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Portable (USB) time clock documents and manuals

"Portable time clocks" were supplied by MYOB's Enterprise Division until 2010 (and were introduced by Comacc in 2003), to work with the "Exo Time and Attendance" software.

Spare parts and repair options have not been available for some time, and MYOB ended support for these devices in 2013. These time clocks have not been tested with subsequent software versions and Windows versions.

These units:

  • Are designed to clip on to a belt
  • Connect to a computer via USB to "poll" (i.e. download employee's clocking data)
  • Have rechargeable batteries and connect to a mains powered charger
  • Can connect to a bar-code scanner (or keyboard) via a "PS2" connector
  • Use the same "Time and Attendance" setup options as old model TR3 Serial clocks (i.e. the "TR-3 Time Recorder)

This document contains links to reference information and manuals that might assist with configuring, using, and maintaining these clocks, now that MYOB is no longer able to assist.

Below are some links and a list of the documents attached to this article, accompanied by a brief description. To download a document, click on the appropriate filename in the "Attached Files" section at the bottom of this article. Documents in "PDF" format will require "Adobe Acrobat Reader" for viewing.

These clocks connect to a PC via a USB cable. The clocks use a USB interface module supplied by "Future Technology Devices International Limited" and the host PC needs to have their corresponding "VCM" (Virtual COM Port) Driver installed. This turns a USB port into a virtual COM port. Drivers and setup guides are available (when last checked in September 2014) from the following links:

Portable TimeClock MYOB.pdf—the user manual originally supplied with portable time clocks.

Portable Timeclock USB Installation.docthe original manual covering installation of the required USB drivers. Note the links above might have information relevant to more recent Windows versions.

TCLKPOLL35.zipthe last "Program to execute" version. To use this file, download, unzip, copy to the "Payrollv" folder, then set this file in the "Timeclock Setup" screen for the appropriate clock.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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