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Payslips sent by email not being received by employees

MYOB Exo Payroll has the ability to send payslips to employees via email.

If one or more employees do not receive emails, the information below will assist in troubleshooting why this has occurred. Please note that IT support may need to assist.

The likeliest scenarios are:

  • Error messages indicate a problem either creating or emailing the payslips.
  • MYOB Exo Payroll has sent the payslips but they have been blocked elsewhere.

Process and potential problems


  • MYOB Exo Payroll creates Payslips as PDF documents that are, by default, encrypted and password protected which are attached to emails.
  • Emails are passed to the specified Mail Server, using one of two options:
    • Using SMTP through port 25 with no authentication. In this case the mail server settings must allow relaying of emails from the payroll software, or;
    • Using authentication settings (available within Exo Payroll from version 2014.02 onwards. For configuration and troubleshooting the authentication settings refer to Knowledgebase Article 36796
  • After leaving the Mail Server the emails rely on the users' network as well as the Internet for delivery to the employees. Problems at this stage will not be reported within MYOB Exo Payroll.

Errors during email creation

A red error message headed "A problem has occurred..." may appear if the PDF documents cannot be created

  • The message will contain an error number and description. The Knowledge Base may contain further details regarding this error.
  • Running the "Network.exe" utility may resolve the errors as it reinstalls files including the "MYOB PDF Converter". Click here for further information regarding running this file.

Reasons on the payslip emailing report

Once the email payslip process has been completed, the Payslip Emailing Report can be printed which details what has occurred for each payslip processed. Below are typical comments that appear in the Reason column on the report if there were any problems:

  • "Invalid email address" - ensure that the employee's email address has been entered correctly
  • "Could not connect to server" - make sure that the server address details have been entered correctly in MYOB Exo Payroll as well as having IT check that access has not been blocked such as by a firewall.
  • "Error 550 - Relaying denied" and similar messages - these are responses from the Mail Server indicating that "relaying" has not been turned on.


If emails are not being received and there are no error messages or "Reasons" showing in the Summary Slip, check the following in the "Step 5 - Send Emails" screen:

  • If "Send Emails Asynchronously" is ticked, this might suppress error messages received from the Mail-server.
  • Try sending a payslip with this option NOT ticked, and see if this allows a "Reason" to appear in the Summary Slip.

No Errors or Reasons

If there were no error messages during the email payslip process and the Payslip Emailing Report does not show any comments then MYOB Exo Payroll has successfully passed the emails to the Mail Server. Any "missing" emails are likely to have been blocked externally. There are a number of places that this can happen that are outside of the Payroll Operator's control:

  • Security settings/software on the network, e.g. encrypted PDF documents are blocked
  • An ISP is treating the emails as spam/junk
  • The employee's email account or program is treating the email as spam/junk
  • The Mail Server may be receiving notifications of problems with the emails that have been sent, e.g. bounce back messages such as being undeliverable, but these messages may have been turned off.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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