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Investigating general ledger report discrepancies

In MYOB Exo Payroll, the General Ledger report shows a breakdown of the pay information for the employees as it pertains to the General Ledger codes. How the information appears on the report will be dependent on the settings used such as the Sort Order that has been selected, whether the report is a detailed or summary report, etc.

The General Ledger report displays the pay information in Debit and Credit columns. The information is assigned to the General Ledger code based on the settings in the software such as the Cost Centre assigned to the pay item, the General Ledger code assigned to the Cost Centre and the General Ledger codes that have been assigned in the Setup Exo Payroll screens.

Sometimes the columns totals do not match, causing discrepancies in the General Ledger report as well as when posting the information to the Accounting Package, or the figures for individual accounts are not as expected. When discrepancies are found in the General Ledger report then the following can assist with determining what may be the cause:

Printing Detailed Reports

Print the General Ledger report with Sort Order 1 set to General Ledger Code then with Sort Order 2 set to Employee Code and with Report Type set to Detail. Printing the report as a detailed report will show all entries that are assigned to each General Ledger Code and Employee Code. Also print the General Ledger report with Sort Order 1 set to Employee Code and with Report Type set to Detail, which will show all entries for each employee grouped by the employee and with the General Ledger code shown for each entry.

Other reports can be printed as well such as Costing Analysis, Pay Sheet and Trial Balance. All of these reports should be printed in detailed format as well so that all entries show on the reports.

Reconciling the Reports

Reconcile the printed reports. This is to determine what the difference is and which employee(s) it is for.

Checking setups

Check the setup of the items in the software. Ensure that the appropriate Cost Centres have been assigned correctly to what is being paid as well as making sure that the General Ledger codes have been assigned correctly in the Cost Centres as well as in the General Ledger Setup section of Setup Exo Payroll.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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