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Holiday pay accruals showing the same figures on consecutive payslips (New Zealand)

In this article we look at Holiday Pay accruals on Payslips.

Holiday Pay Accrual (i.e. in the current entitlement year) is not stored "pay by pay", but is calculated as pays roll over. This matches the fact there is no legal entitlement to holidays until the end of the entitlement year. However, in some circumstances, this can create confusing results on payslips. The accrual calculated on the "Employee Maintenance" Holiday Pay tab is based on the proportion of the year worked so far (taken from the "Holiday Anniversary" and "This Year Accrued to" dates). When a Current Pay is updated, the "This Year Accrued to" date increments to the end of the NEXT pay period. The change in dates increases the accrual figure calculated.


When a payslip is printed that has had the "Show Holiday Pay Entitlement" option ticked, the payslip refers to the information from the employee's Holiday Pay screen at the time of printing the payslip and adjusts it accordingly for any Holidays paid in the pay period the Payslip is printed for.


Consecutive payslips showing the same Holiday accrual occur due to the following causes:

  • The first Payslip was printed after the update of a pay period, and the second before the next pay period was updated. This means that because the current pay has already been updated, the Holiday Pay is accruing to the next pay period when the first payslip is printed. When the second payslip is printed the Holiday Pay has not been told to accrue to any future date and so the second payslip is showing the same accrual as the first payslip.
  • When any Payslip reports other than the Payslip Custom report are printed today for historical dates, those reports will NOT show historical Holiday balances. Each will display current data from the "Employee Maintenance" Holiday Pay tab. A payslip printed today for the "Current Pay" will display the same data, but adjusted by any Holidays included in the current pay.
  • If an employee is accruing Holiday Entitlement using the Permanent Part Time Method, it is possible for the payslip to show the same accrual on consecutive payslips due to:
    • No Days Paid (or Hours Paid) entered for the Current Pay so no pro-rata accrual will occur
    • Employee has already accrued to their maximum Annual Entitlement (Leave Management Setup has an option to allow accrual beyond this point).
  • Pays have been entered as "One Off Pays":
    • These are designed NOT to trigger accrual.
    • When a "normal" pay is updated for this employee, current year accrual will work correctly from the corresponding date.

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