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Getting the direct credit file for ASB to have the correct account suffix (New Zealand)

When creating a file from the Direct Credit Transfer screen, normally the company bank account details that will be used in the file are what appears in the Bank Setup section of the screen.

Direct Credit Transfer Screen

Depending on the "Direct Credit Format" being used, there can be changes to this procedure.

Selecting the "Direct Credit Format" of ASB Payment Service means that a field called "Batch or Account Suffix" appears on the right of the screen - see screenshot below. This field overwrites any value appearing in the Suffix field of the Bank Setup section of the screen when the direct credit file is being created. The ASB should advise of any Batch details that are needed to be present in the file for it to be processed correctly - if the Batch details are required. If there are no Batch details required then the account suffix must be entered in this field, if the suffix is other than 00.

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