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EXO Employer Services legacy products

From 2013 onwards support will be ending for the following products:

  • TR3 Time Clocks
  • PC Clock
  • Report Writer
  • Remote Timesheet

The following information explains the reasons for ending support for these products, alternative options for each product and attached at the bottom of this article are examples of the letters sent to clients regarding these changes.

Users will still be able to access the support knowledgebase for legacy products but no support will be provided by the Exo ANZ Support team.

TR3 Time Clocks

On the 30th of June 2013 support ended for TR3 time clocks and prior models of our time clock range including TR2, TR1 and portable models including Hand punch units.

MYOB have sourced a new long term partner for our time clock range in the form of Midnight Technologies who specialise in only time clocks and their associated peripherals throughout Australia and New Zealand.
The Midnight Technologies Bundy range of electronic time clocks are more cost effective units with more functionality, best practice security and designed to be used in some of the toughest workplace environments. They have been thoroughly tested and configured to work with the MYOB range of Exo Enterprise Services software.


PC Clock

In a future date to be advised support will end for the MYOB Exo PC Clock. The PC Clock was quite an efficient software version of a hardware time clock that integrates well with our Time and Attendance and Payroll software. Unfortunately this product has only a small uptake in New Zealand and as such MYOB plans to focus our development resources towards our hardware range of time clocks. For those requiring remote options our existing MSI product will provide a more comprehensive range of solutions.


Report Writer

In October 2014 support will end for the MYOB Visual Report Writer. MYOB is now standardising our Exo product range to utilise the Clarity Reporting Engine which includes a wide range of powerful reporting tools, customised reporting, drill down options and a reporting wizard.
It should be noted that the default range of reporting options within the payroll software will still be available, but for those clients who want more control over their reporting options then Clarity Reporting will certainly provide this.


  • Clarity Report Writer

Remote Timesheet

In a future date to be advised support will end for Remote Timesheets, MYOB is replacing this product with the MyStaffInfo portal - a more secure and feature rich offering.

MyStaffInfo is a web-based solution that integrates with MYOB Exo Payroll. It allows employees to update personal information, receive payslips, manage their leave as well as enter timesheet data - tasks that would normally be undertaken by management or payroll administrative staff.


Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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