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Emailed payslips have missing information or can't be opened

MYOB Exo Payroll has the ability to send payslips to employees via email. These are created as PDF documents (by default encrypted and password protected) and attached to emails.

This article applies to a situation where some (but not all) employees either:

  • Receive Payslips that have data missing (such as Year to Date Totals or Leave balances).
  • Receive Payslips that give a "file corrupt" message on trying to open.
  • For the same pay, other employees receive payslips that are complete and open correctly.

This might result from one of several completely different causes - follow these steps to identify which one applies.

If every Payslip sent by email has the same problem, this article probably does not apply. For example, if "Year to Date Totals" do not appear on any payslips then it is likely that "Show Year to Date Totals" is not selected under the Payslip report "Options" button.

 If some employees have a problem opening their payslip, but other's don't, this likely relates to the device used:

  • Test by forwarding the email (including Payslip) to someone who can open their own payslip (maybe the Payroll operator). If the same payslip opens on one device but not another, something on the "Problem" device is the cause.
  • A similar situation applies if a password-protected payslip will not open, but one resent wthout a password works OK.
  • For example, the PDF viewer (commonly "Adobe Acrobat") might be damaged or out-dated (so cannot handle password protected documents). Could also happen with an older Operating System or Internet-browser that does not support current security standards.
  • Where a payslip works correctly on (say) a PC but no longer opens on (for example) an iPhone, this might relate to an iOS upgrade or problem caused by another recent software change on the device. This situation is outside MYOB's control - worth thinking about recent software updates or looking for latest versions.

If the issue appears to happen at random, choose one "problem" payslip and re-send to that employee by email. Be sure to follow these points:

  • Check that "Missing" information (e.g. Year to Date Totals) is selected under the "Options" button.
  • Select only the "Problem" payslip and employee, so that only one Payslip is created and sent.
  • "Preview" the payslip to screen and check that the information is correct and complete.
  • Email the payslip, and on arrival, check that information is complete.
  • If payslips work correctly when emailed one at a time, but random problems occur when emailing in "Volume", this indicates Payroll setup is correct.
  • The problem is likely to be caused by minor delays in the IT environment at the time Payslips are being sent. The following sections have more information on what is happening and what to try.

If using the "Payslip - Emailing Wizard" report, try the "Payslip Custom" report instead. This has improved features and "Distribution Options" that include email, and is likely to give better results.

Creating multiple Payslips as encrypted PDF documents requires a lot more calculation and processing than normal Payroll operation:

  • Exo Payroll is written using "Microsoft Visual Foxpro". When operating over a network (ie used from a "Client" PC connecting to Payroll installed on a "Server"), creation of each payslip involves significant communication backwards and forwards over the network.
  • Creation is sensitive to even minor delays or interruptions in communication. These can cause problems with each PDF document, including missing information from the bottom of a payslip.
  • This can happen when either the Client PC, Server, or Network are running slowly, busy with multiple tasks, or when security software (eg Antivirus) is slowing Payroll operation. This is why problems appear to happen at random.

The recommended way to avoid Client/Server communication issues is by running Payroll entirely on one machine. With assistance from your IT support, use one of the following options to test the concept (and if successful, use permanently):

  • Install Payroll entirely on the payroll user's PC.
  • If installed on a server - give payroll user a remote access session to that server.
  • When using Terminal Server (also applies if using Citrix), install Exo Payroll entirely on one server with payroll users logging directly on to that server. This is different to running Payroll via a server farm that connects to an application server (which introduces a network connection, which we are trying to avoid).

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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