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Downloading leave requests

When downloading leave requests you click on the Download button from the MyStaffInfo management console then it will go through the download process and advise that all tasks have been completed successfully. However if new requests are still showing on the management console, check that you have a current pay open as it is likely that the leave has not been downloaded.

To download a leave request from MyStaffInfo
  1. If a current pay has not been opened go to Pay > Current Pay or click on the Current Pay Icon (from main menu)
  2. Complete/Amend the Pay Period and Physical Pay Dates as required then click on Create New Pay
  3. A confirmation dialog will appear, check that the pay period end date is correct > click Yes
  4. Exit:Esc out of the Current Pay
  5. From the main menu go to Pay > MyStaffInfo
  6. From the Management Console under Leave requests click on Download
  7. The download screen will appear and will advise "All tasks have been completed successfully" and New Requests will appear under Download with a number in brackets
  8. Click on New Request > A Leave Request Import Wizard will appear with the Open Pays Available, the leave request on the left and requested days on the right. As the Leave is over 2 pay periods select the leave relating to the current pay period (unless you want to pay out the other leave at the same time)> click Import Selected.
  9. The back up screen will appear, backup as normal.
  10. Once backup has finished a "Print" dialog appears (This will show if there were any problems with the download) select print to Screen or to a printer > Print:F9
  11. If printing to screen exit out of the report and the system will start calculating the pay. Once finished a confirmation dialog will appear advising that the import was successful > click Ok
  12. It will take you back to the Leave Request Import Wizard and show the remaining leave (unless you selected both).
  13. Exit:Esc out of MyStaffInfo > go to your Current Pay > select the employee that has Annual Leave > go to Leave Management > select Annual Leave > check that the leave is correct
  14. Save:F10 > A Salary Adjustment screen will appear this advise the employee is paid by salary and if you wish to reduce the salary accordingly > Click reduce salary

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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