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Doing a year to date loading including Kiwisaver contributions for the employee's financial year (New Zealand)

In this article we look at Year to Date Loading with Kiwisaver due to a change in Payroll systems or companies

The Load Year To Date Totals process in the EXO Payroll software for the Pay and Taxation History deals with Gross, PAYE and Student Loan figures for the current financial year. If you wish to include the Year To Date figures for Kiwisaver contributions, the Year To Date Loading process cannot be used and a One Off pay must be done for the figures.

Loading a year to date figure with Kiwisaver

  • Using a One Off Pay allows the entering of Year To Date figures for the employee's Kiwisaver contributions.
  • The Gross Earnings must be paid in the One Off Pay through an allowance so that those earnings do not have an adverse effect on the Year To Date Loading for Annual Leave Calculations.
  • The allowance should be given a high code number, such as 999, to ensure it is not accidentally used in normal pays.
  • The Calculation Method should be set to Fixed Dollar Amount
  • Type set to Normal.
  • Under the Options box untick all but the Add Earner Levy
  • Save or press F10 then Exit or press Esc
  • Use the Pay Period date of the last pay processed for the employee in the old payroll software (or previous payroll company).
  • If Year To Date loading is during the current month then the Pay Date being entered should be from the previous month. This is so that the Year To Date loading figures do not affect the IRD returns for the current month.
To load a year to date figure with Kiwisaver
  1. Pay Menu > One Off Pay > fill in details > click Make One-Off Pay > dialog box asking "Pay all employees of this frequency" > click No
  2. Calculate Pay > select employee > dialog box asking "Employee is not currently in this pay period. Pay 'employee name' this period?" > click Yes > One-Off Pay screen appears > Allowance > Add: F4 > Type in Allowance code or F9 to choose from list > Type in the amount > Save:F10 > Exit: Esc
  3. Once the Gross Earnings have been entered click on the Kiwisaver button.
  4. In the screen that appears, click on the Override button then enter the total amount of the Employee and Employer Contributions made for this financial year.
  5. If there has been any ESCT calculated then click on Override and enter the amount of ESCT deducted from the total Employer Contributions made for this financial year.
  6. Once the figures for the pay have been entered print a paysheet report for this pay. Make sure the figures appearing on the report are correct then the one off pay can be completed.
  7. At the One-Off Pay screen, click on 'Finish One-Off Pay, Backup'.
  8. Follow the prompts including performing the requested backup then once the pay has been finished the pay figures will apply to the employee.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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