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Daylight saving impacting wages in EXO Payroll (New Zealand)

Daylight Saving moves the time forwards or backwards an hour, depending on the time of the year. This means that an employee working overnight may work an hour more or less depending on which way the clock time has moved. 

When processing a pay for an employee that has worked a shift during which Daylight Saving caused the time to move, the following applies:

  • If the employee has worked an hour less, they should be paid as if that hour had not been lost. The employee should not be disadvantaged by the loss of that one hour.
  • If the employee has worked an additional hour then the employee should be paid for those extra hours worked.

The following is a link to an item on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website for further details.

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You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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