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Creating a direct credit transfer file (New Zealand)

When the pay run has been edited and is ready to be updated, the Direct Credit Transfer File should be created before closing the Pay Period. In this article we cover the steps for creating a Direct Credit file.

When creating a Direct Credit File for sending to the bank, this is done from the Direct Credit Transfer screen. The Direct Credit Transfer screen can be accessed from the Pay menu, the Toolbar or Step 4 in the Pay Cycle.

To create a direct credit transfer file
  1. Go to the Direct Credit Transfer screen and the following appears:
  2. Check the details on this screen to make sure that they are correct. If required, enter or update the information on the screen.

    If the details on the Direct Credit Transfer screen are to appear by default whenever the screen is opened, with the exception of the Selection Ranges, Payment Due Date and Current Pay Period fields then click on the Save button or press the F10 key on the keyboard.
    • Direct Credit Format - Select the appropriate banking format from the list. Note that some banks provide more than one possible format of file transmission. Consult the bank if required for which format should be used.
    • Bank Account - Enter the company bank account number that the employees Net Pay is being paid from.
    • Name, Particulars, Analysis & Reference - Enter the details that are to appear on the company's Bank Statement.
    • Direct Credit Transfer File Name - Shows the path that the file will be created in and the name of the file being created. If there is no path specified then the file will be created in the folder that the Payroll software has been installed to.
    • Reference & Particulars fields under "Details on Employee Statement" heading - Details that will appear on all employees bank statements unless the employee's Direct Credits have already been setup with Reference and Particulars details.
  3. Click on the Create File button to create the Direct Credit File for sending to the bank.
  4. A message will appear regarding printing the Direct Credit Schedule report. If a copy of the report has already been printed then click No. If the report is to be printed then click Yes and a new screen will appear for printing the report to Screen or Printer as specified.
  5. Once the report has been done the Direct Credit File will be created. If the File Name has been used previously a message will appear advising that the file already exists and asking to overwrite that file. If the existing file was for an already processed pay and is to be replaced by the new file, click on Yes.
    The file has now been created and is ready for sending to the bank.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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