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Changing holiday pay units from days to hours (New Zealand)

Holiday Pay Entitlement can be setup to be in either Days or Hours depending on the selection made by the company. If the company decides to change the Entitlement from Days to Hours (or vice versa) then the following article can assist with making these changes.

We advise to read through this article in its entirety to better understand the full process before attempting to change these units.

If Holiday Pay has had the Weeks option activated, refer to White Papers available here.

When changing Holiday Pay units from Days to Hours or vice versa, it is advised to run a Holiday Pay Report for all employee's and take a backup of the company data before making any changes.

MYOB recommend trying these changes in a test company before applying them to the 'live' company.

To change holiday pay units
  1. Go to the "Utilities" menu then select "Setup Exo Payroll"
  2. Click on the "Leave Management Setup" button. Under the 'Holiday Pay Options' heading there is the choice to select 'Pay holiday pay in' to be set to Days or Hours.
  3. Select Days or Hours, depending on the change being made.

    Once this change has been made, a number of figures will need to altered for each employee in Employee Maintenance.
To alter employees

The details below are based on the Holiday Pay Entitlement being changed from Days to Hours. Changing from Hours to Days is a similar process but the new figures being entered will be Days rather than Hours.

  1. Edit an employee in Employee Maintenance and click on the "Holiday Pay" tab. The 'Annual Entitlement Days' heading will now be showing as 'Annual Entitlement Hours'. The Days figure appearing in this field will need to be converted to an Hours figure, e.g. an employee that had been setup to receive 20 Days Annual Leave per year and works 8 hours per day would have 160 Hours entered as their Annual Entitlement Hours figure.

    Once the Annual Entitlement figure has been changed to the correct amount of units, the Accrued figure will automatically convert from Days to Hours.
  2. The 'Outstanding' and 'Advanced' figures will be incorrect and will need to be manually corrected as they will be showing the figures in Days. Manually calculate how many hours the Days showing equates to then correct the fields, e.g. an employee who works 8 hour days and has a figure of 3 days showing in the Outstanding field would be manually changed to 24 Hours.
  3. If Holiday Pay is using the Days/Hours setup rather than the Weeks setup, click on the "Pay History" button and update the units in the "Hours Paid" column.

    If the Average Daily Pay option in the Relevant Daily Pay Rate Method is currently being used for any employees or may be used in the future, the units will need to be updated for the Relevant Daily Pay Rate Method as well.


    The column called 'Hours Paid' will need to be manually edited as the figures appearing in this column will be showing the Days figure that was originally processed. The 'Days' figure appearing for each pay will need to be converted to the appropriate 'Hours' figure for that pay then overtype the figures in the 'Hours Paid' column.

    This will only need to be done for the last 12 months as the pay history in this screen will go back to when the employee started with the company or was first processed in the software, e.g. if an employee is on a Weekly pay frequency and has had no One Off Pays processed during the last 12 months then this will involve changing the 'Hours Paid' figures for the last 52 pays while a Fortnightly employee would be 26 pays and a Monthly employee would be 12 pays.
  4. Click on the "Standard Pay" tab. On the left hand side, click on the 'Hours Paid' button. The figures in all fields need to be edited to reflect the number of Hours the previous 'Days' figure now equates to.
  5. This process needs to repeated for every employee in the payroll company.
  6. Print a Holiday Pay report and check that the 'Hours' figures are equivalent to the 'Days' figures appearing on the Holiday Pay report printed at the start of the process.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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