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Changing from one company to another

A company can be taken over by another company and MYOB EXO Payroll is still used as the payroll package. In MYOB EXO Payroll, multiple companies can be added to the software.

In this article, the process of changing from one company to another will be discussed. Below are steps and options available if one company is taken over by another company:

Step 1: Rename the existing company or adding a new company

Option 1

If keeping a copy of the original company on the Login screen is not really required and a simple switch to the new company is sought after then simply rename the existing company by logging into the company then click on the Utilities menu -> Setup Exo Payroll and update the Employer Details Section with the new company name.

This would mean that the company name on the Login screen will still show the original company name but the company name within that company will reflect the new company name and so will all of the reporting. Any reporting of historic details that is done after the name change will reflect the new company name.

Option 2

Keeping both the original company and adding a new company with all the same information from the original company.

If the name on the Login screen is to reflect the new company name and the original company is still to be seen on the Login screen then the following steps will need to be done:

To replace a company name
  1. Add a new company on the Login screen. More information about this can be found here.
  2. Once the new company has been added, restore the back up from the original company. To learn how to restore a backup, click here.
  3. Once the restore is complete, go to the Utilities menu-> Set up Exo Payroll and update the Employer Details section with the new company information.
    By following the above steps it means that the name on the Login screen as well as in the company will reflect the new company name.

    Any reporting of historic information done in the newly added company will reflect the new company name.

Option 3

If you do not want to see any information from the old company in the new company or would not like to see historic reporting showing the new company name then add a new company on the log in screen and enter the new company name. Click on the Utilities menu, Set up Exo Payroll, Setup Page 1 and add the new Employer Details.

For more information on adding a company, click here.

This will be an empty company and setting up of everything will need to be done from scratch such adding employees, allowances, deductions, department, cost centres etc.

Step 2: Add employees

This is to be done if a new fresh company is setup and no backup is restored from Option 3 in Step 1.

Once the new company is setup, each employee is to be added individually into the new company. All the necessary employee information will need to be entered into the new company for each employee. This can be done by taking screen shots of the employee detail, holiday pay and sick and other leave screens from the original company and entering them into the new company. Once this is done, the year to date loading will need to be done.

For further information, refer to White Papers available here.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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