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Limitation - Creditors account access level - No method to Create Creditors that doesn't allow creating transactions.

The following issue has been identified and subsequently replicated by MYOB Support in EXO Business versions 8.3.1

Before upgrading your clients please take into consideration the following issues especially if the site has specific requirements in these areas.

As always we recommend that thorough testing in a non-live environment is undertaken before commencing an upgrade.


Support has confirmed that the Creditors Account Access Level profile provides the option to edit Creditors but not process transactions.

When using change to add another option to the profile 'Creditors account access level', the new option will let a user add new creditors and edit them, but will not allow the user to process creditor transactions.

Currently the profile 'Creditors account access level' can be set to:

  • Prevent Access
  • View Only
  • Full Access
  • Read Only with Invoice Editing
  • Read Only with New Transactions

None of these allow creating a new creditor while still blocking new transaction.



Use the Non-Account/Prospect system from the CRM module to enter proposed creditors if there is this level of oversight required.


This is a known limitation of the software at this time. It is expected that anyone who has authorization to create new creditors is an accounts clerk who should have authorisation to raise invoices against that creditor.

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